Sanmina Arm Starts New Smart Manufacturing Platform

42Q, a Sanmina division and a provider of manufacturing execution systems (MES), has released its latest and most innovative platform to date, the 42Q Smart Manufacturing V16.0. Traditionally, manufacturers have had to adapt their workflow and terminology to the constraints of their chosen MES solution. For that reason, 42Q puts manufacturers in control and allows them to compose dynamic user interfaces, adopt unique terminology, and select languages to suit their business.

Composable, Not Just Customizable

Recognizing that every customer has distinct requirements, 42Q Smart Manufacturing V16.0 offers an unprecedented level of reconfiguration of modular components. Moreover, dynamic user interfaces can be composed by organizing building blocks of widgets. Manufacturers can select from readily available widgets or develop their own using a low-code approach. Thus, allowing users to do everything they need in one place and integrate data from multiple systems. In addition, configure process flows for highly specialized manufacturing.

Industry-specific terminology ensures higher precision and clarity

Manufacturing operations use distinct terminology based on the regulations and needs of different industries. Mapping this language to the terms used in a specific MES solution can create additional challenges.

42Q Smart Manufacturing V16.0 addresses this issue by intelligently recognizing and adapting to industry-specific terminology. Thus, resulting in clear, precise communication and alignment with the language used in regulatory compliance and industry standards.

Seamless localization for worldwide impact

Typically, manufacturers depend on MES providers to deliver different language translations. 42Q Smart Manufacturing V16.0 allows manufacturers to seamlessly localize the user interface. As a result, a factory environment that optimizes international collaboration.