Rockwell Seals Verve Deal, Boosts Cybersecurity Line

Rockwell Automation has completed its acquisition of Verve Industrial Protection, an asset inventory system and vulnerability management solution. Accordingly, this acquisition will expand Rockwell’s cybersecurity offerings. Thus, helping to build resiliency and security of customers’ operations.

Matt Fordenwalt, senior vice president, Lifecycle Services at Rockwell Automation. “In today’s environment, it’s hard for many organizations to stay ahead of threats and keep their operations safe. The Verve Security Center is a way for us to equip our customers with actionable intelligence to protect their infrastructure.”

Verve’s platform has helped clients mitigate thousands of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Particularly, it is complementary to Rockwell’s current offerings, including partner technologies. Moreover, it will integrate information into a single pane of glass to help customers manage and prioritize risk.

Rockwell Automation has featured Verve at its recent Automation Fair recently in Boston. Specifically, Rockwell Automation highlighted how Verve can help manufacturers safeguard their operations.

Mitigate Factory Vulnerabilities

The Verve Security Center platform aims to provide IT-level security while addressing the unique challenges of the OT environment. At the center of the Verve platform is an asset inventory system that recognizes all industrial assets, regardless of manufacturer.

Hence, Verve’s proprietary approach communicates directly with the assets, gathering critical information without impacting network performance and interrupting production. It then aggregates a wide range of data sources, including Rockwell’s partner technologies, into its platform as a “single pane of glass” that provides actionable insight for customers to quickly address their highest-risk assets.

Verve professional services also provide ongoing remediation, along with a strategic roadmap and business case development. Thus, further deepening Rockwell’s cybersecurity consulting capabilities. Going forward, customers will benefit from comprehensive capabilities with the combined expertise of Verve, Rockwell, and Rockwell’s technology partnerships.

John Livingston, CEO of Verve Industrial said, “Our platform has helped clients mitigate thousands of vulnerabilities and is an important addition to Rockwell’s OT cybersecurity solutions. Thus, providing actionable intelligence to quickly mitigate cybersecurity risks, so that manufacturing facilities can stay up and running.”