iMerit Offers New AI Defect Detection in Manufacturing

iMerit, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) data solutions company, has introduced a new defect detection solution to accelerate AI development for advanced manufacturing and warehouse robotics applications. This new purpose-built application is fully integrated with iMerit’s Ango Hub. Specifically, it is an end-to-end enterprise-grade technology platform that enables AI teams to quickly and efficiently build scalable data pipelines. Also, it provides the building blocks for custom solutions.

The new solution aims to accelerate AI development in advanced manufacturing and warehouse robotics.

iMerit’s defect detection application enables AI development teams to build high-precision machine learning models for fully-automated production lines on the manufacturing floor. Also, the solution suits full customization to streamline defect detection on material surfaces in manufacturing environments. As a result, it enables manufacturers to tailor it to their specific factory needs.

“AI is being applied to all stages of the manufacturing process, from material assembly to distribution. Automated surface inspection is a prime example of where manufacturing can be accelerated by AI. With the Ango Hub platform and our defect detection application, customers can build complex data workflows that enable them to scale, drive efficiencies, and realize better AI outputs to improve their manufacturing processes,” said Rajsekhar Aikat, Chief Product and Technology Officer, iMerit.

Ango Hub offers custom and off-the-shelf ML plugins, allowing for the development and automation of complex data workflows. The solution combines automation, advanced annotation tools and human-in-the-loop expertise into a single platform. Accordingly, it aims to drive greater quality and efficiency in the ML training process.