NF’s New AC Power Supply Boosts Flexible System Lineup

NF Corporation has started offering to the market the DP020AS, a new model of programmable alternating current (AC) power supply. Moreover, the DP Series programmable AC power supplies feature high waveform quality, low distortion, and low noise. 

For that reason, the company has met diversified test and evaluation needs by offering an extensive lineup of power supplies, covering up to high power levels. 

Efficient Use of Power Supply Equipment

DP020AS has an output voltage of AC350V increasing from AC320V of the existing series.  Hence, it supports a plus-minus 20 percent test of overseas three-phase power supply with a voltage rating of 480V. Moreover, it provides an output frequency of 5kHz, expanding from 550Hz. 

DP020AS programmable AC power supply enables flexible system construction.

Among others, the DP Series has a strength that enables flexible system construction to meet the expansion of power supply capacity and polyphase structure. Particularly, by combining multiple units. Thus, maintaining stable output performance of the DP Series.  The addition of units and rearrangement of the system are also easy. 

For that reason, it supports the efficient use of power supply equipment in accordance with purposes. 

Two booster units can be connected per one master unit. Connecting nine DP020AS units enables the construction of a three-phase 18kVA system. Furthermore, it is also possible to collectively control switching among single phase, single-phase three-wire, and three-phase output using the system master. 

Meanwhile, DP020AS realizes stable output to large-capacitance capacitor loads that easily generate oscillation and distortion in power supply output.

Furthermore, it features a short rise time compared with typical AC power supplies, and outputs waveforms that change quickly with high reproducibility.  For example, it can be used to reproduce transient responses.