FANUC America Updates Popular Robot Series

FANUC America has introduced the new M-710iD/50M robot, representing the company’s first update to the popular M-710i robot series in 17 years.

“The high performance of the M-710i robot series has made it a great choice for a variety of applications over the years,” said Eric Potter, General Manager, General Industries and Automotive Segments, FANUC America. “The new model includes all of the best features of the long-standing series with several key enhancements that will expand its capabilities.”

M-710iD/50M robot

Mainly, FANUC’s next-generation M-710iD/50M offers an increased payload from 45kg to 50kg with higher wrist load capacity. In addition, the robot’s curved J2 arm prevents interference with parts and fixtures. Thus, this provides more accessibility at the front of the robot. Also, another key feature is a 20% improvement in rigidity offering higher precision and efficiency for a variety of applications. Among them include assembly, material handling, part transfer, palletizing, and welding.

Additionally, the robot features a long 2,606mm reach aside from a slim and stylish arm. It has a water and dust-proof design with a fully enclosed arm and no exposed reducers. Moreover, the entire robot is IP67-rated for protection in harsh environments and designed for easy setup and use. It employs a new smart design and is maintenance-friendly.