Sekisui Seals Capital Alliance, Propels Sustainability

SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. has concluded a capital and business partnership agreement with Circularise B.V. Accordingly, the Dutch company headquartered in The Hague develops a supply chain traceability system for the circular economy.
Going forward, SEKISUI CHEMICAL aims to further promote a circular economy and increase the value of products. Furthermore, to enhance sustainability by participating in the construction of a digital platform through collaborating with Circularise.


SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group aims to realize a circular economy in 2050 and create a sustainable society. To achieve this long-term goal, the company aims to realize a circular economy by working with the supply chain. Furthermore, minimize the number of fossil-derived materials used, and promote resource recycling.

SEKISUI Chemical has also defined resource recycling as one of the important keywords to realize its long-term vision “Vision 2030”. This includes current businesses and innovative areas.
On the other hand, Circularise has also discovered the social issue of information sharing (management, tracking, and certification) in the supply chain. Particularly, this is indispensable for the realization of circular economy. Thus, developing a unique supply chain traceability system that utilizes blockchain and zero-knowledge proof. This system enables the management, tracking, and certification of environment-related information such as raw materials, recycling history, mass balance, carbon footprint, and third-party certifications on a highly reliable platform. While at the same time, also ensuring the concealment of confidential information.

Details of the Business Partnership, Future Initiatives

SEKISUI CHEMICAL has signed a capital and business partnership to participate in the construction of an information-sharing platform, including the Digital Product Passport. Moreover, to further enhance the value of and expand products to enhance sustainability. Through this partnership, SEKISUI CHEMICAL will further promote circular economy and contribute to realize a sustainable society.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL is accelerating collaboration with startup companies and academia to expand and strengthen ESG management and strategic business areas. For the exploration of new technologies and businesses, SEKISUI CHEMICAL will continue to engage in similar partnerships in the future.