Microwave Power Supply by Toshiba Coexists with WLAN

Toshiba Corporation has developed the first microwave remote power supply system that can coexist with wireless LAN. Specifically, the new power supply can realize battery-less IoT sensors in factories and warehouses. Thus, it can contribute to improving productivity and carbon neutrality.

Demonstration of a power receiver that receives highly efficient power without depending on the orientation of the power-receiving antenna

Microwave remote power supply systems can wirelessly transmit power to remote locations. Mainly, the challenge is to efficiently send power to the target location without interfering with nearby wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) communications. Along this line, Toshiba has developed a power supply technology equipped with an interference avoidance function and a power receiving technology that can receive power efficiently regardless of the orientation of the power receiving antenna.

As a practical application of the remote power supply, it can detect the presence or absence of a wireless LAN signal in the vicinity. Also, it can control the power supply beam to prevent interference. In power-receiving technology, high efficiency and stable power reception are achieved by combining and receiving vertical radio waves (vertical polarization) and horizontal radio waves (horizontal polarization). Also, in a demonstration, it received about twice the average power of conventional power.

This new technology can contribute to digital transformation and labor-saving efforts in manufacturing facilities and distribution warehouses.