Ono Sokki Unveils Latest Noise Testing Software

Ono Sokki Co. Ltd. has released the Noise Testing Software GN-1200 multi-channel multi-comparator noise testing software. Accordingly, it measures and analyzes noise and vibration in a production line.

Particularly, it gauges quality inspection of units, such as motors, transmission, and speed reducers in automotive applications. In addition, it can also detect abnormality of prototype vehicles and parts incorporated in test equipment.

Aside from automotive, it can also perform strength evaluation of new materials in other application fields.

The GN-1200 can be connected to the DS-5000 Data Station (right). Enhanced the function to judge abnormal vibrations and noises.

Reliable Automatic Measurement

The multi-channel multi-comparator performs a pass/fail judgment for a plurality of criteria from multiple measurement results. Moreover, the GN-1200 comes equipped with a pass/fail judgment function as standard.

By linking with the company’s DS-5000 Data Station, the system has enhanced the ability to detect abnormal vibrations and abnormal noises caused by high-rpm motors installed in electric vehicles (EVs) and added various functions.

In addition, it has also become possible to respond to the growing need for motors and reduction gears.

The measured signal can be performed simultaneously for frequency analysis, tracking analysis, as well as multiple analyses such as octave analysis, and judgment.

Following the operation pattern of the device that inspects the workpiece, such as acceleration, deceleration, and constant speed, the software alone has a step function that registers analysis and judgment conditions for up to 20 operations and executes them continuously. When combined with the optional communication function, it realizes endless automatic measurement.

The main addition to the previous model is the color map judgment function. Particularly, it can set the measurement surface in an arbitrary band and measure the quality of the analysis data. It can be used to detect waviness and fine processing flaws on the gear tooth surfaces used in EV gear units, as well as high-order noise components caused by abnormalities in motors/inverters.

Meanwhile, the octave analysis judgment has been strengthened, and a function that judges pass/fail with a sense like human hearing (one-third bundled octave judgment function) has also been added. Moreover, measurement using the difference in data between adjacent bands is effective in extracting abnormal vibrations.

Ono Sokki’s new device can suit production inspection lines such as motors/inverters and e-axles.