New eYs3D SoCs Transform Computer Vision for Robotics

eYs3D Microelectronics Corp. is known as a leader in 3D sensing and computer vision semiconductors under Etron Technology. Ahead of CES 2004, it is announcing that it is leveraging this expertise to expand into new edge-based system-on-chips (SoCs). Specifically, it is launching the eCV Series to take AI capabilities of robots and AIoT devices to the next level. As AI becomes increasingly widespread and integrated into various devices, the brand’s new SoCs are harnessing computer vision, sensor fusion, and edge computing to accelerate the AI transformation and move technological capabilities forward.

To experience how eYs3D’s AI+ solutions are shaping the future of robotics and smart AIoT solutions, visit the brand at Booth No. 15459, Central Hall, LVCC during CES 2024.

“At the core of the AI revolution are semiconductor chips, and one is no longer enough,” comments James Wang, Chief Strategy & Sales Officer of eYs3D. “Given the significant processing required for 3D and visual information, the complexity and scale of robotic and smart systems require fully integrated, dedicated chips for AI — a concept we call ‘AI+’. We at eYs3D are rising to this challenge with our new eCV Series, delivering future-ready computer vision capabilities and leading-edge processing power.”

eCV Series SoCs: The core of Next-generation Robotics and AI

Mainly, eYs3D is set to launch its eCV Series SoCs later in 2024. With that, eYs3D is embracing its concept of “AI+” and expanding its offering from USB-based controllers to full-fledged, edge-based SoCs. Specifically, the series is built around on-core CPUs with ARM-based Cortex M and Cortex A architectures. Thus, it provides top efficiency and next-level processing power.

Moreover, the eCV Series SoCs suit applications across autonomous driving systems and mobile robots, AIoT home devices, smart security systems, and industrial AIoT solutions with machine vision. Accordingly, they are bringing the following advanced capabilities to each system:

  • 3D visual perception
  • High-level environmental awareness
  • Object recognition
  • Path planning
  • Voice control and conversation capabilities through audio processing

eCV4 for intelligent sensing and interaction

  • Debuts the new, state-of-the-art iToF technology, a solution for processing LiDAR-based time-of-flight sensor data that discerns object positioning in space with high accuracy and replaces stereo vision
  • Ideal for gesture control and body motion tracking

eCV5 for edge computing

  • Immense performance is ideal for sensor fusion tasks and convolutional neural network operations
  • Includes the eCV5546 SoC, the ultimate robot chip with a pure AI edge computer

eCV7 for movement analysis

  • Features an optical flow engine with photonic sensors to detect and predict object movement directions
  • Charting a new course and embracing “AI+”

With the launch of the eCV Series at CES 2024, eYs3D is demonstrating the start of its new “AI+” chapter. Specifically, it meets the growing demand for dedicated AI chips in robotics with increasingly sophisticated, comprehensive capabilities. This is beyond its existing expertise in 2D, 3D, and stereo vision modules to now offer edge computing engines for full-powered AI applications.

Beyond full SoCs, the brand already has leveraged a number of its subsystem solutions in cross-industry collaborations, including for:

  • Smart agriculture 4.0: Outdoor farming robots for automated irrigation and crop harvesting
  • Obstacle avoidance in service robots
  • Smart medical: Intelligent endoscopes and other devices for minimally invasive procedures
  • Logistics and handling robots
  • AI capabilities embedded into video conferencing solutions