DBJ, Epson Invest in 3D Additive Manufacturer

3DEO, a Los Angeles-based leader in design, engineering and metal additive manufacturing (AM), announced a significant investment from the Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ) and Seiko Epson Corporation (Epson). This partnership marks a pivotal step in 3DEO’s expansion and underscores the confidence in its proprietary end-to-end 3D printing technology.

Specifically, the investment will propel 3DEO’s growth strategies in North America and Japan. It will expand opportunities for partnerships in the semiconductor, aerospace, medical devices and equipment, and industrial sectors.

3DEO’s unique approach focuses on a specialization in complex metal 3D printed components/assemblies and advanced Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM), underpinned by a differentiated portfolio of 18 patents. 3DEO’s purpose-driven vision empowers customers to innovate and design competitively positioned products. Meanwhile, its end-to-end solution, encompassing proprietary software, metal 3D printers, robotics, and materials, streamlines the production process. Further, this integration significantly reduces the complexity for clients, allowing them to scale up without the burden of mastering AM processes themselves. The support from 3DEO’s comprehensive DfAM training and expertise complements this.

3DEO offers proprietary end-to-end 3D metal printing solutions.

“The collaboration with DBJ and EPSON is a powerful endorsement of our mission to empower product and engineering teams across the globe,” said Matthew Petros, CEO and Co-founder of 3DEO. “This investment is not just capital. It’s a commitment to a shared vision of challenging what’s possible through the combination of additive design principles and differentiated capabilities.”

In Japan, there is a strong belief in conventional metalworking based on precision casting, which has supported the growth of the machining and assembly industry, as well as the optimization of the supply chain in terms of quality and cost. However, while there is a movement toward research and development of AM technologies and DfAM, the adoption rate at production sites faces significant barriers. This collaboration is poised to address these challenges, contributing to the advancement of AM technologies within Japan’s established manufacturing landscape.

Moreover, the strategic investment by DBJ and EPSON aligns with DBJ’s mandate to foster “technological innovation and reorganization of industry”; also, with Epson’s mission to promote “manufacturing innovation” under its Epson 25 Renewed Corporate Vision. Made through the DBJ Startups and Innovation Fund, the investment will bolster 3DEO’s business expansion in North America and Japan, igniting a new era of global innovation and production efficiency.

“By integrating 3DEO’s AM capabilities with the meticulous engineering tradition of Japan, we aim to unlock new levels of productivity and expand the manufacturing possibilities in one of the world’s leading economies,” said Payman Torabi, CTO and Co-founder of 3DEO. “This investment is a testament to the trust and potential seen in 3DEO’s innovative approach. We are excited to collaborate with DBJ and Epson, leveraging their expertise and market reach to enhance and refine the landscape of Additive Manufacturing.”

DBJ and EPSON’s investment is secured after careful review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). Specifically, it will enable 3DEO to leverage the Japanese manufacturing industry’s strengths while fostering technological advancements in both regions. DBJ will provide hands-on support to 3DEO and work closely with Epson and other stakeholders to proactively support 3DEO in building its business and increasing its corporate value. In addition, DBJ will serve as a nexus for all parties involved, including the national and local governments and related private companies, and contribute to the social implementation of DfAM in Japan, aiming to contribute to the innovation and restructuring of the manufacturing industry.

“We are excited to see how this synergy will support our continued mission to empower customers with unparalleled design freedom and production capabilities,” added Petros.

3DEO’s business model and full-stack solution position it as a vanguard in the industry, reducing development costs and time for its partners. With this strategic investment, 3DEO is poised to further disrupt traditional and advanced manufacturing processes, bringing innovative products to market faster and more efficiently than ever before.