OMRON’s Unique Solutions Tout Sustainable Factories

OMRON Corporation has been harnessing its advanced data utilization solutions to enhance and promote sustainability in manufacturing.

Particularly, the company has been using unique control applications and digital engineering technologies. That is, to realize not just manufacturing innovation but also highly competitive and sustainable solutions as well.

OMRON will highlight this pitch at the Innovative Industry Fair for E x E Solutions 2024 (IIFES2024) from January 31 to February 2 at the Tokyo Big Sight.  

At the OMRON booth, the company will feature a manufacturing site using unique control applications and digital engineering technologies. Particularly, highlighting the realization of the latest methods, centered on two next-generation production concept lines that its “innovative-Automation!” concept.

For the first time, we will exhibit data utilization solutions that enhance “Energy Productivity” in response to carbon neutrality, which requires urgent solutions. We will propose new manufacturing sites that are both sustainable and highly competitive, draw out the maximum potential of both humans and machines, while also responding to the demands of decarbonization.

Harness Digital Technologies

Creating a sustainable digitalized society has been active of late. Moreover, manufacturing industries are actively developing new technologies to improve quality and productivity and achieve carbon neutrality. On the other hand, the shortage of manufacturing human resources, such as engineers and skilled workers who support the field, has become a major issue.

Additionally, many production sites are required to meet the demands of decarbonization while maintaining quality and productivity. Under these circumstances, it is becoming increasingly important to combine on-site data on the operating conditions of facilities and the people involved in the processes. Thus, enhancing the productivity of the start-up, operation, and maintenance of facilities. At the same time, analyzing the carbon footprint of products, and realizing efficient manufacturing that minimizes energy consumption.

Two Next-generation Production Concept Lines

At OMRON’s booth, the company will showcase next-generation production concept lines. The first is “the Full-autonomation Line beyond Human Ability” in response to the growing global shortage of manufacturing personnel. Particularly, this utilizes technologies such as robotics integrated control and digital twins to realize the automation of manual work performed. The second is the “Flexible Line in which humans and robots work together to a high degree”, which optimizes the work of humans and machines according to production volume and staffing conditions in assembly processes that often rely on human skills.

Moreover, the company is proposing its highly flexible “Robot Cell Line” that enables speedy changes in production line layout.

Unique Innovative Application Technologies

The unique and innovative applications with advanced fine-tuning of both OMRON’s control equipment group (ILOR+S) and software technologies help realize the two next-generation production concept lines. OMRON’s booth will be the largest-ever exhibition of innovative applications that leverage on-site data and AI to enable “Autonomation beyond Human Ability.”

Meanwhile, during the exhibition, OMRON’s application engineers will demonstrate innovative applications and share key points for building lines and facility construction. Particularly, to handle high-mix production and labor shortages, as well as know-how to maximize the potential of people and the performance of facilities.

Using On-site Data Utilization Service “i-BELT”

At manufacturing sites, improvements in productivity and quality and environmental protection are necessary. Moreover, the solutions will be introduced to maximize “Energy Productivity”, which reduces not only energy consumption but also increases manufacturing productivity and quality. Furthermore, it also increases production volume.

For the first time, the booth will showcase solutions that combine not only equipment and processes in the factory but also productivity and energy data from other companies’ factories.

OMRON is a member of EP100, an international corporate initiative to double energy productivity. It has been working to provide customers with knowledge on how to improve their energy productivity.

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