Izumo Murata to Start Construction of New Facility

Izumo Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a manufacturing subsidiary of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located in Japan’s Izumo City, will start constructing a new production building. Accordingly, the plant aims to establish a system that will respond to increased demand for multilayer ceramic capacitors over the medium and long term.

The company will start construction of the new facility next month with tentative completion in March 2026.

Complements Robust Demand

The ten-story building will have a total floor area of 69,676sq.m. Moreover, it will have an approximate total investment of 47 billion Japanese yen, including building and production equipment.

Izumo Murata to start construction of new production building.

Murata established Izumo Murata Manufacturing as a manufacturing subsidiary in August 1983 with a capital of 430 million Japanese yen. Moreover, its main business is the manufacture of ceramic capacitors.

In April 2023, Izumu Murata Manufacturing unveiled a new production building at its Iwami Plant in Hane. Meanwhile, the investments in this facility totaled approximately 12 billion Japanese yen, which also included manufacturing equipment.

Murata is developing a system to flexibly accommodate changes in the market environment. Particularly, to meet the increases in demand by expanding its production capacity in a balanced manner. Thus, establishing production sites for multilayer ceramic capacitors distributed across Southeast Asia, Japan, and China.

Murata Manufacturing leads the design, manufacture, and sale of ceramic-based passive electronic components & solutions, communication modules, and power supply modules. In addition, Murata commits itself to the development of advanced electronic materials and leading-edge, multi-functional, high-density modules. Thus, the company has employees and manufacturing facilities throughout the world.