MinebeaMitsumi's Cebu Plants Use 100 Percent Renewable

MinebeaMitsumi Inc. said it has concluded a power purchase agreement (PPA) with TeaM Energy Corporation. For that reason, the Group company’s two plants in the central Philippine province of Cebu now utilize 100 percent renewable energy.

The milestone at its Philippine plants is another realization of the company’s corporate philosophy toward sustainability. That is, “To contribute to the realization of a sustainable, eco-friendly and prosperous society by providing better products, at a faster speed, in larger numbers, at a lower cost and by smarter means”. Moreover, MinebeaMitsumi said it will continue to strive further to expand the use of renewable energy and build a sustainable society.

Sustainable Manufacturing

In October 2023, MinebeaMitsumi announced the installation of solar power generation systems made by Sharp Corporation at MITSUMI Cebu plants. Moreover, with the installation of the new systems, the company expected to reduce its CO2 emissions by approximately 6,833t/year for the said plant alone.

The output of the solar power generation systems is approximately 7.9 MW-dc. Most importantly, this is the largest capacity for self-consumption type solar power generation systems installed at a Japanese company’s factory in the Republic of the Philippines. The estimated annual power generation amount is approximately 12,806 MWh/year. Moreover, this is equivalent to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 6,833tCO2/year. The electricity generated will be used within the Cebu plant, contributing to the reduction of grid power usage.

This is the third location where we install large-scale solar power generation systems after two production plants in Thailand (Bang Pa-in Plant (Ayutthaya Prefecture) and Lopburi Plant (Lopburi Prefecture)).

MinebeaMitsumi’s Cebu plant has continued to expand since it began operations in January 1989. Currently, it has approximately 20,000 employees, producing a wide range of products including semiconductors, camera actuators, and connectors.

Based on the Group’s Environmental Policy, MinebeaMitsumi is promoting a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by FY2031 compared with FY2021. Furthermore, it aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. To achieve these, the company is taking various initiatives. Namely, the introduction of solar power generation systems at the company’s bases around the world and enhancing initiatives on decarbonization and the reduction of environmental burden.