Omron Releases New Robot for Mid-Payload Transport

OMRON Automation Americas has launched the MD Series autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for medium-payload applications. This new series design provides greater efficiency at production sites. Also, it expands OMRON’s lineup of autonomous robots to cater to a wider variety of part and material transport applications.

MD Series autonomous mobile robots

Specifically, the MD Series continues to feature the OMRON Fleet Manager software. This allows for integrated control of up to 100 mobile robots on a single system. Also, this software eliminates the need for multiple fleet management systems. Additionally, it streamlines operations by automatically selecting the optimal mobile robot for each process based on payload and availability.

Key Features

Omron’s MD Series are state-of-the-art AMRs that are ideally suited to address material movement and other mid-size transport processes.  It highlights a top speed of 2.2m/sec (MD-650), max payloads of 650 and 900kg, a 10-hour runtime, ultrafast charging, and an innovative dynamic safety system with automatic footprint switching. Additionally, it features Omron’s industry-leading on-board navigation system.  As a result, the MD Series of AMRs can deliver the performance and efficiency needed to meet even the most demanding applications.  Additionally, with easy-to-access user connections, a rock-solid all metal chassis, industrial-grade design and maintenance-centric layout, MD Series users can have the peace of mind that their mobile robot will provide them with a long service life.