FormFactor, Tabor Demo Full-Stack Quantum Computing

FormFactor, Inc., a leading semiconductor test and measurement supplier, together with Tabor Electronics LLC, has presented the Echo-5Q project. Specifically, it involves a demonstration of a full stack 5-Qubit Quantum Computer. It is applicable for research and education and leverages a QPU supplied by QuantWare. This collaboration shows the ability of the partnering companies to support the quantum industry with their respective technologies.

In particular, the turnkey Quantum Computer demonstrates a 250% improvement in T1 times compared to similar small-scale systems. Accordingly, it enables higher qubit fidelity and more quantum operations per cycle.

As the quantum computing industry expands rapidly, the need for practical test beds and a trained workforce increases every year. Thus, the Echo-5Q offers scientists and engineers immediate access to high-quality physical qubits for the development of staff and testing of new technologies. The fully integrated, customizable solution is comprised of:

FormFactor’s LF-600 Cryogen-free Dilution Refrigerator for a quiet environment down to 5mK; Tabor Electronics’ Proteus Direct to RF Control Electronics for simple, robust measurements; QuantWare’s Soprano-D Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) with five superconducting transmon qubits that enables the construction of quantum computers with improved reliability, ease, and speed, and Tabor Electronics’ open-source EureQa Qubit Characterization Software for easy operation.

FormFactor’s L-600 cryogen-free dilution refrigerator

Mark Elo, Chief Marketing Officer of Tabor Electronics commented “Experience and longevity counts, and this has enabled us to get to these outstanding results. FormFactor and Tabor combined have been in business for over 100 years, which means we have iterated our hardware over multiple generations of product, improving capability and quality on every iteration. Accordingly, this has enabled us to get the best commercial performance out of the QuantWare QPU.”