New FormFactor Demo Center Eases Wafer Test Requirements

FormFactor, Inc., a leading semiconductor test and measurement supplier, recently opened a new product demonstration and training center in San Jose, California.

Specifically, the new facility is staffed with applications engineers and training professionals. It features FormFactor engineering wafer probers, metrology systems and advanced probe cards outfitted to meet semiconductor test and measurement requirements from lab to fab. Among them include solutions for advanced packaging, automotive high-power devices, high-speed digital, silicon photonics, and 5G/6G/millimeter-wave mobile devices.

Autonomous DC Measurement Assistant on CM300xi-ULN probe station enables up to 4x faster flicker noise thermal testing on 30μm pads

“Our new demonstration center provides easy access for customers to see first-hand the benefits of our sophisticated wafer probe and metrology solutions,” said Amy Leong, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. “We are deeply committed to enabling industry innovation. Especially, we are proud to offer this center to accelerate our customers’ success with personalized, hands-on training, product demonstration, and support.”

Product Demonstration Lab, Clean Room

FormFactor’s new demonstration center is located at 150 Charcot Avenue in San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Specifically, it offers a product demonstration lab and clean room. Also, it has presentation and training areas, service warehouse, office space, and conference rooms. Moreover, the new location complements the capabilities of FormFactor’s existing global demonstration centers in Europe and Asia. Recently, it opened Advanced Quantum Cryogenic Lab in Boulder, Colorado.