New Systems Emerge for Japan IoT Sensing Framework

The specifications of devices, such as sensors and communication devices, differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, device users need to select and configure each device. The SENSPIRE Universal Connecting System (SUCS) consortium within the Japan Society of Next Generation Sensor Technology (JASST) is working toward the social implementation of a composite measurement system that combines sensors, and is looking at meeting potential sensing needs.

Specifically, SUCS was conceived as a new IoT sensing framework from Japan. It is a user-friendly sensing system that is programless and does not require specialized knowledge. Four basic units [sensor, analog/digital (A/D) conversion, communication, and power supply] can be freely connected to create a “sensing train,” a device necessary for sensing. The SUCS Consortium, a research group within the JASST, was created to promote the standardization of device connection.

Example of sensor unit (Data is displayed on the terminal.)

When using the system, a sensor is selected for each measurement target. Also, by exchanging units, the system can be used for different measurement targets. Analog signals from the sensor are converted to digital signals and sent to the cloud. Users can view the data on their PCs, smartphones, and other devices.

Utilizing Metadata

Another feature of the system is the use of ancillary metadata (attribute information). In addition to the specific information of each unit, information on observation activities and targets will be stored in the cloud. It is positioned as basic information for optimizing the functions of the sensing system.

Currently, the Consortium is seeking manufacturers to produce prototypes of sensing train units for social implementation. Mainly, the system will create easy, inexpensive, and rapid data acquisition from sensors and accelerate demand expansion and installation.

Granting Free Patent Licensing Rights

The Consortium will grant patent licensing rights for free to manufacturers. Also, it will ensure the acquisition of cutting-edge sensing technology. Further, expanding into new business fields through next-generation technology and collaboration with highly efficient system integrators is another possibility.

Additionally, the Consortium plans to commercialize the developed system by the end of this year. Primarily, the product will be offered on a subscription basis (flat-rate billing) to encourage widespread use. It also considers the establishment of an operating company to promote the products.

As the IoT and digital transformation continue to advance, sensing technology for acquiring basic information is attracting renewed attention. Non-manufacturing sectors and non-professionals are also expected to make use of this technology.

Calling on Related Companies to Join

Currently, the Consortium has 10 member companies. They are iFORCOM KYOEI Co., Ltd.; ARS Co., Ltd.; Azbil Corporation; Easy Measure Co., Ltd.; KOA Corporation; New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd.; DKK-TOA Corporation; Nagano Keiki Co., Ltd.; Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc.; and Pacific Systems Corporation. The Consortium is inviting sensor-related manufacturers, system integrators, cloud computing-related and power supply-related companies to join. Additionally, it is looking forward to the participation of companies on the user side and organizations as advisory members.

-21 March 2024-

This is an English translation of a Japanese article originally published in Dempa Shimbun Daily.