Nidec Drive Technology Beefs up Reducer Series

Nidec Drive Technology, a member of Nidec Corporation’s group companies, has added high-end models to the Company’s lineup of the ABLE Series, a group of servo motor-dedicated planetary reducers. Mainly, the new super high-precision models highlight industry-leading low backlash, noise, and vibration.

ABLE reducer is the trade name of the group of servo motor reducers that Nidec Drive Technology sells. Specifically, the latest models that the Company has newly developed adopt tooth-surface grinding gears*1, successfully achieving industry-leading precision, noise, and vibration levels (backlash: 1min., or 1/3 of existing models*2; noise level: 5dB*3; and vibration level: 30% less than existing models*3).

Nidec Reducers
A VRS Series Reducer              A VRT Series Reducer
Nidec Drive Technology’s Latest High-precision ABLE Series Reducers

Generally, high-end laser beam machines, machine tools, woodworking machinery, and other mechanical products require highly accurate positioning. A reducer’s backlash, vibration, etc. directly affect such products’ precision. Nidec Drive Technology’s latest products, whose tooth surfaces were ground with the newest models of Nidec Machine Tool’s globally renowned gear grinders, have achieved the said performance levels while driving down cost.

The company stays committed to providing various business fields with high-efficiency industrial machines that utilize its continuously variable transmission-based know how, to contribute to productivity improvement and automation.

*1. Tooth-surface grinding: A method to grind gear’s tooth surface with a grinding stone. Other grinding methods include gear cutting, shaving, and skiving, but the tooth-surface grinding method can secure better precision than them.

*2. Backlash: The gap created when meshing gears are interlocked with each other.

*3. Representative values of Model No. VRS-140, with a reduction ratio of ¼

-04 April 2024-