Nordson Electronics' New Solder Machine Drives Results

Nordson Electronics Solutions releases the Synchro™ 3, the latest in the SELECT® Synchro™ selective soldering equipment family. Particularly, the new model allows high-volume printed circuit board assembly applications.

Selective soldering helps to safeguard solder joint quality during electronics manufacturing to help protect product reliability. For that reason, all Synchro systems use a revolutionary, patent-pending synchronous motion technology. Thus, reducing conveyance time dramatically and boosting throughput by 20-40% for most applications. Moreover, it comes with reduced footprint up to 60%.

The Nordson SELECT® Synchro™ selective soldering equipment family expands with the new SELECT Synchro™ 3 model for high-volume printed circuit board assembly applications.

Revolutionary Motion Technology

The equipment series includes the Synchro 3, 5, and 5 XL, offering three or five soldering stations. The new Synchro 3 offers up to three solder pots to match manufacturing needs for different alloys. It also offers different or singular nozzles. In addition, the Synchro 3 and 5 systems handle boards up to 2500 x 460mm, while the Synchro 5 XL handles 2500 x 680mm boards.

Single-sided, double-sided through-hole, mixed-technology surface mount, and through-hole board assemblies travel non-stop through the multi-station selective soldering system. Soldering tasks are necessary to have a balance between soldering pots to increase throughput further. Moreover, process control features are standard as well as easy point-and-click programming and fiducial finding.

Last year, the Synchro 5 won the 2023 Mexico EMS award for outstanding innovation in PCA and electronics packaging.

“Since the (introduction of) SELECT Synchro 5 in 2022, the industry response remains remarkable (and) we wanted to enhance the product family. First, the Synchro 5 XL for wider boards and now the Synchro 3 will provide a broad range of solutions for selective soldering processes,” stated Florian Strohmayer, product line manager, Nordson Electronics Solutions. In addition, Strohmayer said, “We continue to work with customers who are either replacing wave soldering equipment or updating their existing selective soldering operations.”

SELECT Synchro series equipment summary:

  • NEW: Synchro 3 – Up to three soldering stations, handles board sizes up to 2500 x 460 mm.
  • Synchro 5 – Up to five soldering stations, handles board sizes up to 2500 x 460 mm.
  • Synchro 5 XL – Up to five soldering stations, handles board sizes up to 2500 x 680 mm.
  • All systems include automatic conveyor-width adjustment, drop-jet fluxer, flux-level sensing system, titanium solder pot and pump assembly, quick-change magnetically coupled solder nozzle, pre-heaters, warpage sensor, system camera, access to process data for traceability.

-4 April 2024-