Kioxia Gears Up Memory Know-How With New R&D

Kioxia Corporation announced it has opened the Frontier Technology R&D Institute on April 1. Accordingly, the new office aims to strengthen its research and development of next-generation memory and technologies that can lead to new businesses.

The new Frontier Technology R&D Institute will house three technology centers. First, the Core Technology Center will explore novel technologies including materials and devices. On the other hand, the Device Process Research Center will demonstrate prototypes of new memories. Finally, the AI & System Research Center will promote research and development of AI architecture, its applications and next-generation memory systems.

Framework of Kioxia's New Frontier Technology R&D Institute.
Kioxia’s new Frontier Technology R&D Institute

Innovative Memory Technologies

Based on its mission of “uplifting the world with ‘memory,’” Kioxia will cultivate a new era of memory with its innovative technology. Thus, promoting research and technology development that supports the future digital society.

The Frontier Technology R&D Institute will promote research and development of technologies to support the accelerated expansion of AI technology and its applications. Particularly, utilizing high-capacity and high-speed memory system technologies with new principles and new materials. At the same time, adopt new process technologies to spread these technologies to society at low cost.

“We aim to pursue continuous technological exploration and its social implementation to achieve an affluent and sustainable digitalized society through innovative memory technologies,” said Kioxia in a statement.

As IoT, AI and 5G technologies become more widespread, the industry will witness a dramatic increase in the volume of data generated around the world. Hence, large-capacity, high-performance memory and devices, and high-speed data processing systems will be indispensable for the storage and use of that data.

Kioxia said it is continuously evolving its technologies as among the industry’s global leaders in the field of flash memory and SSDs.

Advanced Manufacturing Processes

In 1987, KIOXIA invented the world’s first NAND flash memory that does not require a power source (non-volatile memory). This technology has made its way to various fields, ranging from digital devices such as smartphones, to data centers. Moreover, it has become an indispensable core component of the information society.

KIOXIA addresses customer needs through our technological leadership in the field of flash memory and SSDs. Specifically, through its broad portfolio of products.

Kioxia’s Yokkaichi Plant is one of the world’s largest and most efficient flash memory production facilities. By deploying advanced manufacturing processes utilizing AI, Kioxia is confident in meeting the increasing demand for memory around the world.

-4 April 2024-