Advantest, Toray to Aim for Production Efficiency

Semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest Corporation has entered into a technical partnership with Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. Particularly, to promote efficient production technology for mini/microLED displays.

This collaboration aims to accelerate the expansion of the mini/microLED display market. Moreover, it encourages the adoption of microLED displays through the joint provision of integrated data linkage solutions for manufacturing.

In partnering together, the two companies will offer display manufacturers their combined inspection, transfer, and mounting technologies. Furthermore, they will jointly provide data analysis technologies and manufacturing-related technologies. Thus, enhancing customer production efficiency and benefits the mini/microLED display market.

Requires Advanced Technologies

MicroLED displays use an emerging flat-panel display technology that does not require backlighting. For that reason, reduces energy requirements while offering pixel-level light control and a high contrast ratio. The technology is more environmentally friendly than traditional display technology. Thus, will play a significant role as the market sets to expand dramatically with the next generation of small and medium-sized displays. Particularly, those used in smartwatches, automotive displays, and large displays for home and business use.

A microLED display is a substrate covered with tiny LED chips just tens of micrometers square. For a 4K microLED, approximately 25 million tiny LEDs on the substrate. Defect rates for these LEDs run at several percent, and defective devices must be eliminated during the production process. Hence, manufacturing them requires advanced technological capabilities and material usage techniques.

Identifies Defective LEDs

Toray Engineering is a leader in manufacturing technology, with cutting-edge mounting and inspection technology integrating innovation across all processes. Specifically, visual inspection, laser transcription, mounting, and repair into its production technology for mini/micro LED displays.

Combining Toray Engineering’s manufacturing expertise with Advantest’s data coordination capabilities makes it possible to efficiently identify the cause of defective LEDs.

Thus, Advantest and Toray Engineering will work to develop even more efficient and high-quality mini/micro LED display manufacturing technology. At the same time, contribute to global sustainability through next-generation environmentally friendly displays.