NTT Data ZAM's New 3D Printer Sets The Bar High

NTT Data Xam Technologies, Inc. has introduced to the market the improved EOS M 290 1kW 3D printer. Accordingly, the new model is an L-PBF metal 3D printer equipped with a 1kW laser.

Most importantly, the new EOS M 290 suits not only during manufacturing prototypes but also for actual mass production. The new model has been in the market since April 4.

1kW High-Power Laser

The EOS M 290 1kW is an L-PBF metal 3D printer equipped with a 1kW laser and is an award-winning metal 3D printer. Currently, the said lineup has leading market share in the world (Note 1) .

EOS M290 1kW

Traditionally, it has been difficult to melt and sinter with a laser when modeling pure copper due to its high conductivity. However, by installing a high-power laser of 1kW, it will be possible to design and manufacture components with higher performance. At the same time, guarantees durability and market competitiveness.

The EOS M290 1kW got developed, manufactured, and sold as the customization machine AMCM M290 1kW by AMCM (Note 3), a member of the EOS Group that specializes in customizing EOS 3D printers. Due to extremely strong demand in the market, the company has now added it to the EOS lineup as a standard model.

The EOS M290 1kW is an ideal model for use in a wide range of industries such as space, energy, and mobility/transport. Moreover, it is suitable for forming materials that are difficult to handle with conventional laser power. This includes high-conductivity copper and copper alloys, such as heat exchangers and inductors.

Future Strategies

There are currently two certified materials: EOS Copper CuCp and EOS Copper CuCrZr. NTT Data Xam said they plan to add other materials by the second half of 2024.

Accordingly, the company also undertakes the contract development of parameters that allow customers to print with their desired materials.

Furthermore, among the customized machines manufactured by AMCM, the models with high demand will become the EOS standard machines in the future. AMCM offers customization according to individual customer requests.


(Note 1) EOS M290 received the 2021 Enterprise 3D Printer of the Year (Metals) Award based on users.

(Note 2) L-PBF: Abbreviation for Laser Powder Bed Fusion. It is called laser powder bed fusion bonding and is the most common method used in industrial 3D printers.

(Note 3) AMCM company website 

-12 April 2024-