Formlabs’ 3D Printer to Offer More Remarkable Results

3D printer provider Formlabs has unveiled its fastest and most reliable 3D printer for professionals with the launch of Form 4 and Form 4B.

Accordingly, the new flagship resin 3D printer sets a new standard for additive manufacturing with Formlabs’ proprietary new Low Force Display™ (LFD) print engine. It gives updates to the company’s library of industry-leading resins and new automated post-processing. Thus, providing an improved user experience.

Form 4 is up to five times faster print speeds that will unlock new levels of productivity for product designers, engineers, manufacturers, healthcare professionals, among others. Hence, accelerating time to market.

“Form 4 is a huge leap not only for Formlabs and our customers but also for the entire 3D printing world,” said Formlabs CEO and co-founder Max Lobovsky. In addition, Lobovsky said it was only over a decade ago when Formlabs created the desktop SLA 3D printer category. There, it already set a new standard for accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and affordability in 3D printing.

Form 4 is the fastest, most reliable 3D printer for professionals, delivering most parts in under two hours. (Photo: Business Wire)

“We’ve built on the strength and insights gathered from more than 130,000 printers on the market and over 300 million parts printed to deliver the Form 4, our best SLA printer ever. Its reliability and new level of speed will transform how our customers develop new products,” said Lobovsky.

Reliable Proprietary Technology

As the company’s fourth generation of desktop resin 3D printers, Form 4 takes performance to new levels. Thus, delivering blazing fast print speeds, extreme reliability, industry-leading material properties, excellent print quality, and intuitive operation.

Specifically, it can print two to five times faster than Form 3+ depending on material. Enabling same-hour iteration or batch production with masked stereolithography (mSLA) technology. For that reason, it can complete most prints in under two hours and small parts in minutes of cycle time. Also, it can achieve maximum vertical print speeds of 100mm per hour.

The proprietary LFD™ print engine offers a departure from laser and galvanometer technology. This makes Form 4 feature an ultra-high power backlight, proprietary release texture, Light Processing Unit 4 (LPU 4), and dual-layer, flexible film resin tank.

Moreover, it offers unmatched reliability as theindustry-leading print success. Thanks to validated print settings, precision heating, force sensing, and debris detection.

With 50-micron pixels, highly collimated light, advanced pixel smoothing, and light touch supports, Form 4’s print offers unmatched quality. Meanwhile, anyone can learn to print in 15min. This is because Form 4 features automatic resin handling, instant material changes, automated post-processing, and quick release build platform technology.

Furthermore, Form 4 offer 40% lower cost per part. Thus, delivering affordability with long-lasting resin tanks at 75,000+ layers and Light Processing Unit at 1M+ layers. It also enables 30% larger print volume and 3.5 times higher throughput.

-18 April 2024-