MGC Revs up Materials for IC Production With New Plant

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. has decided to expand the Texas Plant of MGC Pure Chemicals America, Inc. (MPCA). The consolidated subsidiary manufactures and markets super-pure hydrogen peroxide and super-pure ammonium hydroxide.

Accordingly, these materials are crucial in the manufacturing process of semiconductors.

Critical for Growing Demands

The Group has been successfully expanding its business. Recently, it has achieved the top global market share.

Most importantly, the group has been leveraging its super-pure hydrogen peroxide and super-pure ammonium hydroxide manufacturing bases. Specifically, both in Japan and overseas, and maintains its world-class analysis and quality assurance system.

In addition, MGC is also branching out into other functional chemicals used in the semiconductor manufacturing process, all of which are in high demand from customers.

 Super-pure hydrogen peroxide and super-pure ammonium hydroxide play critical role in the semiconductor wafer and device manufacturing processes. Particularly, as cleaning, etching, and abrading agents. The increasing miniaturization of semiconductors in recent years has been generating a growing demand for a higher-quality chemical solution.

MGC Pure Chemicals America (File Photo of MGC Pure Chemicals)

Thus, the market for semiconductors will likely continue to grow in the long term with advancements in IoT and AI technologies expanding the range of semiconductor applications.

Indispensable for IC Manufacturing

Against this backdrop, MPCA is experiencing growing demand from major customers who are building state-of-the-art plants. Particularly, from customers who need solutions to reduce supply risk and ensure a stable supply of high-quality products.

Currently, MPCA has the largest supply capacity in North America. In fact, MPCA is expanding its Oregon plant in advance of the Texas plant expansion.

By increasing production capacity in North America in response to customer and market trends, MPCA will contribute to the further growth of the semiconductor industry. In addition, it aims to further development as a leading company in electronic industrial chemicals. These have been indispensable for semiconductor manufacturing.

-18 April 2024-