With High Tech Tools, ABB Turns Site More Productive

ABB has completed the transformation of the logistics operation at its instrumentation factory on Lake Como in Italy. Thus, turning the site from a manual activity to fully automated warehouse operations.

Most importantly, the recent upgrade aims to improve its logistics and achieve overall operational efficiency.

The fully automated storage and retrieval system is critical since the process handles one piece every three minutes.

Integrated Solutions

By introducing a fully automated storage and retrieval system, ABB has achieved 90 percent improvement in overall logistics efficiency at the factory. For that reason, it eliminated manual handling and reduced the time required for the final assembly of packages by 30 percent. This improvement is critical since the process handles one piece every three minutes. 

“We wanted to improve logistics at the Ossuccio site, while also enhancing the entire manufacturing process,” said Mariafrancesca Madrigrano, General Manager of the ABB Measurement & Analytics factory in Ossuccio. “We constantly strive for operational efficiency through innovation and are always looking for ways to better address customer needs and ensure customer satisfaction.” 

The ABB Ossuccio factory is specialized in the production of pressure transmitters.

The solution consists of two ABB OmniVance™ FlexBuffer™ systems connected by a conveyor. Each comes equipped with ABB robots to enable efficient order handling.

FlexBuffer allows for easy transitions between buffering, storing, and sequencing tasks. Moreover, it excels efficiently, combining temporary storage and sequencing functions. Hence, giving it a competitive edge over traditional systems.

The mixed item variant of the FlexBuffer enables the user to store a wide variety of box sizes, all handled with the same robot gripper. Because of the dynamic racking positions, it is possible to store all boxes with minimal loss of space.

Offers Greater Flexibility

Meanwhile, the adoption of the system has enhanced working conditions for operators, alleviating the physical strain associated with manually handling heavy boxes. In addition, the workforce was reallocated to other manufacturing areas that required additional manpower. Thus, giving the factory a greater flexibility during production peaks.

Adoption of the system has alleviated the physical strain associated with manually handling heavy boxes.

The ABB Ossuccio factory produces pressure transmitters that enable industrial companies around the world to measure, monitor, and control applied force. Key for both safety and efficiency, pressure measurement is fundamental in industrial digital transformation. The factory exports 90 percent of its production. 

14 May 2024