Protective Wear Earns Universal Robots' Certification

A Japanese company has recently released its lineup of functional protective cover for robotic arms. These cover wear, which aims to give character to collaborative robots, earned the nod of global robotics company Universal Robots A/S.

Rocket Road Co., Ltd., which is from Fukuoka, Japan, designs and manufactures Robo Uni cover wear and the certification will make it as an official part of the UR+ products certified to work with collaborative robots of Universal Robots.

Offers Unique Design, Functions

Universal Robots opens specifications of robot arms and interfaces of collaborative robots. It verifies and certifies peripheral equipment, including robot hands, cameras, and sensors that comply with those specifications and interfaces to become part of the UR+ products. 

Universal Robots has certified Rocket Road’s arm cover for collaborative robots as UR+ product.

The certification makes the Robo Uni a certified UR+ product. The arm cover of Rocket Road for collaborative robots protects robots from harsh environments. It uses advanced materials that do not hamper robots’ functions. The company makes use of its original technologies from design to sewing. 

The product uses materials with high stretchability to suit various types of robots. While protecting robots to ensure safe operation, Robo Uni cover wear comes with diverse color variations and sports a cool design. 

It prevents the intrusion of dusts to the robot’s joints and protects the robot from splashes, preventing the entry of water and oil inside the robot. In addition, by suppressing the growth of bacteria, Robo Uni cover wear contributes to the maintenance of hygienic environment in the factory and protects the robot from high-temperature environment and spatters generated by welding.