Oriental Motor Releases Lightest-Class Electric Gripper

Oriental Motor Co. Ltd. has added smaller and lighter product EH3-AZAKH to the electric gripper EH Series and whose gripping force can be finely adjusted by controlling the current.

The adoption of labor-saving measures progresses in various manufacturing sites. This new product achieves delicate grasping function like a human fingertip and arises to situations where delicate handling is required like of electronic parts and food. It is the lightest among products with the same performance in the industry.

EH3-AZAKH combines a drive motor and a rack and pinion mechanism with high electric efficiency. The operating current can be controlled in 1 percent of units and the gripping force can be finely adjusted within the range of 2 to 7N.

Oriental Motor’s EH3-AZAKH electric gripper (right) and driver (left)

It is possible to reliably grab a workpiece, such as an electronic part and food, which are easily deformed or easily damaged. It can approach a workpiece at high speed, then decelerate just before reaching it, before slowly grabbing it. The minimum finger movement is 0.02mm. By grasping the workpiece according to size, it can align the orientation and position of the workpiece.

The new electric gripper can also detect the operating range of the finger with the output signal from the driver (TLC output, AREA output) and determine the size and the presence or absence of a workpiece. It can measure the size of the workpiece by reading the coordinate information from the electric gripper into the host PLC using the monitoring function of the driver. It can detect the size without an external sensor and when an operator forgets setting a workpiece.

Drivers compatible with EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, and PROFINET are available with the new gripper. For devices and robots controlled by a single network, it can be used as an end effector at the tip of an arm robot. It corresponds to a wide range of industrial applications.

Another advantage is the stroke (0 to 15mm). It can grab workpieces of various sizes, contributing to the reduction of work time, cost, and installation space for the changing of tools when replacing attachments and grippers. Corresponding to the advancement of automation at manufacturing sites, the company will continue to support the in-house production of equipment.

It measures 42.5×80.5x36mm and weighs 0.2kg, which is one size smaller and weighs about half compared to the existing product (48.5x91x46mm, 0.38 kg).