ADVICS Seizes India’s Automotive Growth in New Venture

ADVICS CO., LTD. and Brakes India Private Limited (BIPL) have reached an agreement to establish a joint venture company for advanced brakes business in India.

In 2012, ADVICS established a manufacturing and sales company in India. Since then, it has been promoting the local production of products that meet market needs. Moreover, it considers the business expansion in India as an important growth strategy. So, last April, it created a new position of Chief India Officer (CIO) to speed up management decision-making and execution.

BIPL Managing Director Sriram Viji (left) and ADVICS CIO Executive Officer Oda (right)

Leveraging the acceleration of economic growth and automotive market expansion in India, ADVICS decided to establish the JV with BIPL, a leading manufacturer of automotive brakes in India. Mainly, ADVICS has built a relationship of trust through longstanding business dealings with BIPL. Accordingly, it promoted localization and increased competitiveness while quickly responding to the complex business environment in India.

Products for Electric Stability Control

Specifically, the JV will produce Electric Stability Control (ESC) and other advanced braking products. It aims to meet the needs of local customers. Also, this partnership will maximize the strengths of both companies and contribute to the development of the Indian automotive industry and the safety and security of customers.

ADVICS will contribute to the realization of a new mobility society and carbon neutrality. To this end, it will expand its product selection for electrification and intelligence and deliver them to its customers around the world.

-06 June 2024-