TDK Ventures Invests in Indian EV Charging Startup

TDK Corporation has announced that subsidiary TDK Ventures invested in battery and charging system innovator Exponent Energy. Specifically, Exponent Energy reimagines electric vehicle (EV) battery technology. Thus, it has developed a system tailor-made for the Indian last-mile logistics market. Coming fresh off helping build the 2W EV OEM Ather, now a highly valued EV startup in India, Exponent Energy founders Arun Vinayak and Sanjay Byalal Jagannath have led a top-notch team of technical experts to bring a much-needed solution to the Indian battery market, where cost efficiency and last-mile logistics are crucial.

Exponent’s proprietary energy stack is comprised of the battery pack (e^pack), charging station (e^pump), and charging connector (e^plug). Together, they unlock a 0%-100% rapid charge in 15 minutes for EVs. Also, it offers a 3000-cycle lifetime warranty using regular lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells. Exponent partners with OEMs to integrate its e^pack to create a rapid charging variant. They set up a network of e^pumps for users operating in logistics to seamlessly charge their Exponent-powered EVs.

In the last nine months, its technology has achieved product market fit with customers in India. Now, it serves over 500 Exponent-powered EVs covering over 3 million kilometers and completing 60,000+ rapid charging sessions.

Generally, energy transformation should not be restricted to a subset of society; decarbonization is important for everyone. Through its technology, Exponent Energy provides greater access to energy-transformative technologies. That is exactly why TDK Ventures partnered with Exponent Energy: to support both organizations’ mutual vision for improving tomorrow through technology. The TDK Ventures team hopes to scale Exponent’s solution and help accelerate its development.

Exponent Energy CEO, Arun Vinayak stated, “Mobility is about freedom and accessibility. To unlock EV adoption at scale, we need EVs to charge faster, last longer, and cost a whole lot less. Our mission to simplify the broken energy ecosystem and provide greater access to energy-transformative technologies struck a chord with TDK – making this a perfect partnership. We’re excited to work closely together to transform the EV industry.”

Nicolas Sauvage, TDK Ventures President commented, “I was impressed by Arun and his talented team when I met them in their office in Bengaluru earlier this year. Exponent’s groundbreaking achievement in crafting an economical and scalable 15-minute rapid charging solution utilizing standard LFP cells is revolutionary. It allows electric vehicles to adopt a more compact battery pack that can swiftly charge within a concentrated public charging infrastructure, effectively removing range anxiety. We share the vision of expanding rapid charging accessibility at a reasonable cost, making electric mobility an option for everyone. This collaboration represents an exciting stride toward a more sustainable and electrified future.”