meviy, iCAD Team up to Offer Better Plant Productivity

meviy, an AI-based parts procurement platform powered by MISUMI Group Inc., will start collaborating with iCAD LIMITED. Specifically, the partnership involves in the fields of system development and marketing.

iCAD holds the largest market share in the field of CAD software for industrial applications. Meanwhile, meviy aims to accelerate digital transformation of the manufacturing industry. At the same time, improve the design speed.

For that reason, meviy has sealed a partnership with iCAD in a bid to provide greater value to its global customers in the industrial automation industry.

iCAD x meviy Collaboration Overview


With labor shortages, the manufacturing industry is experiencing a significant shortening of product lifecycles in response to rapidly changing market needs. For that reason, it is critical to improve productivity, especially in the upstream design process.

Although many designs now use 3D technology, paper drawings are still common practice in procurement. Nonetheless, this has been a factor in hindering productivity improvement.

To address this issue, iCAD and meviy will work together to improve the speed of the entire process in the manufacturing industry by tapping their respective strengths. iCAD

, which has the largest market share in the field of 3D CAD design in Japan, and meviy, which can procure parts using 3D data,

iCAD x meviy Collaboration Overview

iCAD and meviy will jointly develop a system that seamlessly links the processes from design to parts procurement. In addition, they will also launch various marketing plans together, such as exhibitions and events. More details will be announced at the iCAD Forum.

Thanks to its unique geometry processing technology specialized for mechanical equipment design, iCAD has achieved processing performance. Specifically, reflecting large-scale 3D data of up to 3 million parts in 0.2 seconds.

Furthermore, iCAD also implements functions that enable electrical, control, manufacturing, and maintenance service departments to store and utilize each other’s information as well as mechanical design information. This will help connect the upstream design process through manufacturing/maintenance services with a single set of 3D data. Moreover, by facilitating information sharing between departments in a digital environment, iCAD is contributing to reduced lead times in the manufacturing industry.

With meviy, customers simply upload a 3D CAD model of a mechanical component, the AI automatically provides an instant quote, and our digital manufacturing system enables an order to be shipped in as little as one day.

meviy is a platform that eliminates perceived inefficiencies in parts procurement by reducing the time customers traditionally spend procuring mechanical components by more than 90%.

06 June 2024