Japanese Startup Premo Makes Wireless Chip Prototype

Japanese startup Premo Co., Ltd. has developed a commercial prototype of a CPU that does not require pins to transmit and receive signals. In this development, the company used its proprietary wireless connection technology, Dualibus.

Image of a device created by simply arranging multiple chips

“Footless” Chip

Premo, a semiconductor design startup from the University of Tokyo, has completed a commercial prototype CPU chip. This is the first step to the realization of a footless chip using its proprietary chip-to-chip wireless connection technology Dualibus.

Mainly, this technology is based on joint research by the Irie and Kadomoto Laboratories of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology from the University of Tokyo. Specifically, it realizes wireless connections that do not require wiring between chips. As a result, this will significantly change the way devices are made at the edge.

Optimal Use of Board Space

Semiconductor chips manufactured using conventional technology involve wiring and substrates for signal transmission between chips. However, chips equipped with the proprietary technology can transmit signals between chips without wiring or substrates. Particularly, the Dualibus wireless connection technology applies the principle of magnetic field coupling.

With the practical application of Dualibus-based chips, the number of pads on silicon wafers will decrease. Accordingly, it will contribute to the effective use of semiconductor area and reduction of chip size. Moreover, the use of this chip will reduce the size and flexibility of device shapes.

Revolutionize Chiplet Manufacturing

In addition, as pre-package chiplets are attracting attention in the semiconductor manufacturing field, the company aims to realize a new post-package chiplet that simply arranges millimeter-square chips. In addition, by reducing the use of wiring and substrates, it can contribute to the reduction of manufacturing processes and metal resource consumption. Also, it will realize improved performance in harsh environments, thereby providing new value in semiconductor and computer manufacturing in the future.

This is an online translation of a news release in Japanese by Premo Co., Ltd.

-07 June 2024-