Rockwell Lifts iTRAK Line With Better Features

Rockwell Automation’s iTRAK® 5750 Intelligent Track System provides companies the opportunity to redefine machine productivity. Specifically, using faster, smarter and more flexible motion.

The latest line expands the Rockwell Automation iTRAK portfolio with a specialized design optimized for higher payload applications. Moreover, the system replaces the mechanical components and complex linkages of traditional conveyor systems, instead using electromagnetic force to generate motion. This revolutionary way to move goods provides an opportunity to design more reliable machines that require less maintenance and deliver new levels of productivity. The versatile system comprises of a variety of straight and curved tracks, offering the ability to tailor each system to its exact application requirements.

Smarter Manufacturing Future

The iTRAK 5750 Intelligent Track System enables companies to keep up with technology. Furthermore, it allows independent movement of each individual carrier and simple control of motion through user-friendly software profiles. Thus, this can eliminate bottlenecks and boost overall productivity so that short runs can become more profitable, while margins can be expanded in standard runs. Seamless integration with complete Allen‑Bradley solutions provides optimized communication and synchronization with surrounding devices, such as robots.

With the capability to add exceptional speed, intelligence and flexibility to a wide variety of motion processes, the iTRAK 5750 Intelligent Track System helps transform the performance of automation systems. Moreover, it will usher in a smarter manufacturing future.

More Productive Automation Assets

The iTRAK 5750 Intelligent Track System provides the opportunity to break free of the limits of traditional conveyor systems. Thus, reshaping your machines into smarter, more productive automation assets.

Moreover, by moving your products using frictionless propulsion, you can increase the throughput of your solutions while simplifying them so that they last longer and need less maintenance.

Companies across industries are looking for ways to become more competitive today while staying flexible for the future. With the iTRAK 5750 Intelligent Track System you can gain the ability to innovate your product designs and change your production mix without having to spend the time and money to redesign your motion solutions.

Explore how the iTRAK 5750 Intelligent Track System can elevate your machine performance with:

  • Gigabit Ethernet communication
  • Reusable code content within Application Code Manager and machine builder libraries
  • Advanced integrated safety features
  • Scalable motor modules & movers
  • Automatic tracking and tracing of movers
  • Anti-collision / zero-pressure conveyance 

25 June 2024