Daeduck Makes Technology Leap with New FCBGA Substrate

Daeduck Electronics Co., Ltd. has announced the successful development of a large-body FCBGA substrate for AI servers and data centers.

Established in 1965, Daeduck Electronics holds the distinction of being Korea’s pioneering mass producer of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Thus, it has been contributing significantly to the advancement of the nation’s electronics sector for over six decades. Specifically, the company has operations spanning five strategic locations, including four in Korea and one in Vietnam. It is coupled with presence in key international markets through sales offices in the United States, China, and Taiwan. Against this background, the company is poised for dynamic growth in tandem with the global package substrate market.

Large body FCBGA by Daeduck Electronics

Decisive Entry into Chip Package Substrates

In recent years, Daeduck Electronics has strategically realigned its focus towards semiconductor package substrates. Along this line, it made a decisive entry into the Flip Chip Ball Grid Array (FCBGA) market through comprehensive investments commencing in 2021. Subsequently, this strategic movement has gained acclaim, positioning Daeduck Electronics as Korea’s premier FCBGA manufacturer, underscored by tangible achievements and visible market impact.

Particularly, FCBGA is a high-density semiconductor substrate that connects semiconductor chips and package substrates using the flip-chip method. Also, it improves electrical and thermal characteristics.

Daeduck Electronics knocked the FCBGA market for AI servers and data centers. Previously, it was dominated by global peer companies in Japan and Taiwan.

State-of-the-Art Substrate

Daeduck Electronics’ large-body FCBGA substrate is a state-of-the-art substrate with a size of 100×100mm, with 20 or more layers. It is applied to high-performance computing (HPC) chips, which are commonly known as data center chips.

Moreover, Daeduck Electronics’ large-body FCBGA substrate can also be applied to CPUs, GPUs, and 2.5D packages known as Chip on Wafer on Substrate (CoWoS) packaging used in artificial intelligence (AI) servers. In fact, it has acquired the technological capabilities to enter all product markets that can be entered through FCBGA.

In addition, the company is preparing for another challenge in the next-generation packaging market by developing a technology that integrates silicon capacitor embedding technology, bridge integration technology, and large body FCBGA substrate technology.

“As semiconductor technology advances rapidly, we will focus on expanding our market share in next-generation markets such as AI and autonomous driving through collaboration with global major companies based on our differentiated cutting-edge technology,” said Young-Joo KO, CTO Daeduck Electronics.

-25 June 2024-