Hitachi Sets up New Automation Co-Creation Facilities in Japan

Hitachi, Ltd. and Hitachi Automation Co., Ltd. have announced that they will open Automation Square*1 HANEDA. It is a co-creation facility for automation and optimization centered on line building (robotics SI) using robots in the manufacturing and logistics fields.

Meanwhile, Automation Square KYOTO was opened at the Kyoto Research Park (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture).

Automation Square HANEDA’s Manufacturing Zone
Automation Square Kyoto

To realize automation and optimization, Hitachi’s “Total Seamless Solution*2,” which combines product, OT*3, and IT to solve “time*4” issues, which arise between the frontline, management, supply chains, and different industries with digital technology, will be introduced as an example of Lumada*5 through actual machine exhibitions, videos, and presentations. Thus, it will create opportunities for co-creation with customers and partners. Further, this will contribute to improving the productivity of frontline workers in the manufacturing and logistics fields and increasing the business value of customers.


In the manufacturing and logistics fields, the need for automation is increasing to improve productivity, save labor, and improve efficiency. These results from labor shortages caused by the declining birthrate and aging population and the progress of e-commerce. In addition, to realize a decarbonized society, there is a need to reduce CO2 emissions by saving energy in factories and improving the efficiency of transportation.

In response to this, the Hitachi Group is aiming to create smart “next-generation factories*6” and optimize the entire supply chain that connects transportation and delivery and logistics warehouses. To achieve this, it will utilize domain knowledge in a wide range of fields through customer co-creation at Lumada Innovation Hub Tokyo*7 and other venues. The Group will consider, together with its customers from the conceptual formulation stage, to solve various “occasional” issues through “total seamless solutions.”

In addition, Hitachi has strengthened its robotics SI business, which is the core that connects management with the vast amount of data in the field. This was achieved through M&A and other means to enhance the capabilities of its “Total Seamless Solutions.”

Automation Square HANEDA

This facility allows customers to see, touch, and feel the “real thing” of Hitachi’s “Total Seamless Solution” through five zones. The contents of the exhibition are updated regularly to propose the latest technologies and solutions.

1) TSS Vision Theater

This is a zone where the vision of the Total Seamless Solution (TSS) is introduced through video broadcasts and presentations using a three-sided monitor.

2) Manufacturing Zone

This is a zone for video and demonstration of solutions centered on robotics SI for the realization of smart “next-generation factories”.

Entrance to Automation Square HANEDA

Mainly, it will feature a demonstration line that automates a series of processes, such as receiving and supplying parts, assembling and marking products, and inspecting with robot equipment. In addition to the capabilities of the Hitachi Group’s robotics SI, it will introduce an example of integrating cyber and physical by connecting the integrated manufacturing execution management system “FactRiSM*8” and an automated line in real time.

Specifically, the demonstration line includes depalletizing (unloading) using Hitachi Automation’s high-precision 3D vision*9 using a mobile collaborative intelligent robot from Teaching Engineering, the Rotary Indexer, an assembly platform of JR Automation*10 that can install multiple processes in a compact space, and an inkjet printer from Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. It consists of an assembly and marking process using an oil-free scroll air compressor and a product visual inspection process including the XTS*11 linear transport system from Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG.

In addition, the company will introduce IT solutions that contribute to energy conservation and digital transformation (DX), such as the integrated energy and equipment management service “EMilia*12” and the “Hitachi AI Technology/Planning Optimization Service*13.”

3) Logistics Zone

This is a zone for video and demonstration of solutions with robotics SI at the core for supply chain optimization.

Hitachi introduced IT solutions such as Hitachi Digital Solution for Logistics*14, which includes TMS*15 for optimizing transportation and delivery, and HITLUSTER*17, a WMS*16 integrated logistics management system that optimizes warehouse inventory management.

The company will conduct a demonstration of order sorting centered on “18”. In addition, it will introduce examples of work visualization and equipment status by linking these work results and equipment operation data.

Also, the demonstration includes Hitachi Industrial Products Co., Ltd.’s integrated equipment control system “Hitachi Integrated WCS*19“, small automated guided robot “Racrew*20“, “Projection Picking System*21” (PPS) of Aioi Systems Co., Ltd., and the next-generation robot sorter “T-Sort*22” of Plus Automation Co., Ltd., We will exhibit the actual sorting robot “Melis Bianca*23” of Sanki Industry Co., Ltd.

Logistics Zone

4) Collaboration Lounge

This is a zone where Hitachi will work with its customers to conduct specific discussions toward co-creation, including the examination of visions for solving problems.

5) Advanced Technology Zone

This zone exhibits the Hitachi Group’s advanced equipment and solutions. IT will introduce sensor solutions that detect human movements and convert them into data, “Talkative Products” initiatives developed by Hitachi Industrial Machinery Systems using generative AI to promote appropriate maintenance of products in an interactive manner, and examples of advanced architectural design for factories and warehouses.


*1 “Automation Square” is a trademark application filed by Hitachi, Ltd. in Japan.

*2 OT (Operational Technology): Control and operation technology

*3 Lumada: A general term for solutions, services, and technologies that utilize Hitachi’s advanced digital technologies to create value from customer data and accelerate digital innovation

*4 “Kiwa” is a registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. in Japan.

*5 “Total Seamless Solution” is a registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. in Japan.

*6 “Next Generation Factory” is a registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. in Japan.

*7 Lumada Innovation Hub Tokyo website

*8 FactRiSM website:

*9 Image processing technology developed by the former Kyoto Robotics Co., Ltd., which was integrated into Hitachi Automation in 2023.

*10 Acquired by Hitachi in 2019, a U.S.-headquartered robotics SI company.

*11 “XTS” is a registered trademark of Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG.

*12 EMilia website:

*13 Hitachi AI Technology/Plan Optimization Service

*14 Transport Management System: Transportation management system

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*16 Warehouse Management System


*18 “LogiRiSM” is a trademark application filed by Hitachi, Ltd. in Japan.

*19 Warehouse Control System

*20 “Racrew” is a registered trademark of Hitachi Industrial Products Co., Ltd. in Japan.

*21 “Projection Picking System” is a registered trademark of AIOI System Co., Ltd.

*22 “T-Sort” is a registered trademark of Plus Automation Co., Ltd.

*23 “Meris Bianca” is a registered trademark of Sanki Industry Co., Ltd.

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-02 July 2024-