Tokyo Robotics to Offer Customized Robot Solutions

Tokyo Robotics Co., Ltd., which develops cutting-edge robot technology, provides remote-controlled robot solutions that make use of the dual-arm robot and mobile manipulator technologies it has cultivated over the years. Primarily, the company will offer customized robots and remote-controlled devices according to the customer’s requirements, and propose an optimal system.

Tokyo Robotics
Puppet-type remote control device as a basic technology application

To date, it has developed multiple types of remote-controlled devices, independently, or in collaboration with NTT Communications and Waseda University.

Force transmission type remote control device (with mechanical glove)

Wearable remote-controlled device (with head-mounted display device)

Puppet-type remote control device

Browser-based semi-autonomous remote-control device

Using these technologies, remote-controlled robotic systems can be used in, for example, dangerous settings; elevation work; operation in remote areas; high-load work such as heavy lifting; cleaning of work stations; refrigerated warehouse, and embodied AI (learning data collection).

In addition, when combined with autonomous control, it is possible to operate multiple robot applications at the same time.

Sample Tasks

The following are just sample applications. Through discussions with customers, Tokyo Robotics can propose a system that can withstand practical use in terms of performance, cost, and operation.

Outdoor remote work

In remote plants and power generation facilities, outdoor robots are remotely operated to check instruments and turn switches On and Off.

Tokyo Robotics
Outdoor remote work

Maintenance of electric wires

Maintenance of high-voltage electric wires and other equipment will be carried out remotely with two arms. It can be transported by drone and mounted on a crane.

Tokyo Robotics
Maintenance of electric wires

This is an online translation of a Japanese news release with slight editing by Dempa.

-03 July 2024-