Techman Robot Launches New AI Cobot in Japan

At the Robot Technology Japan exhibition in Nagoya, Japan, Techman Robot introduced its latest product, the TM30S. This collaborative robot (cobot) redefines the next generation of automation with built-in AI technology and industry-leading high payload capacity.

Techman Robot
TM30S high-payload AI collaborative robot

High Payload Capacity 

Leading the pack with 30kg payload capacity, the TM30S boasts an impressive 35kg payload capacity and a 1702mm arm length. Particularly, this far surpasses the standard 30kg capacity of comparable products. Additionally, its superior arm design extends the range of motion, allowing for efficient product handling. Also, this feature makes it an ideal solution for automation in the automotive industry and smart stacking/unstacking applications.

During the exhibition, the TM30S demonstrated its ability to handle heavy tires. Mainly, it used AI technology to recognize complex tire dimensions, brands, and production dates, thus creating comprehensive production records.

Techman Robot
AI-assisted mixed-box unstacking solution

Powered by AI

In addition to its exceptional payload capacity and arm length, TM30S features built-in smart vision and AI technology. Equipped with a 3D camera, it rapidly identifies box volumes and positions. Even when faced with packages of varying sizes and complex orientations in the logistics industry, TM30S can effortlessly recognize tilting, fitting, and tape-wrapped scenarios, achieving efficient mixed-box unstacking through AI.

Assists Automotive, Electronic Industries in Nagoya

Expanding into the automotive and electronics industries, Nagoya is home to numerous automotive and manufacturing giants. Automation technology is widely used in automotive manufacturing, electronic product assembly, medical equipment production, and logistics.

Primarily, Techman Robot’s built-in AI and smart vision technology assists the automotive and electronics industries in quality inspection and assembly automation. With rapid multi-angle inspections, it ensures that every component and final product meets high standards.

Additionally, the TM image manager complements this by establishing production records, aiding users in effective management and tracking of inspection results.

Techman Robot has established a technical and after-sales service office in Nagoya, expanding its local service network. Collaborating with numerous dealers and system integrators, they offer a comprehensive one-stop solution from automation assessment to post-sales service.  

-09 July 2024-