Aoi to Build New Chip Line at Sharp Mie Plant

Aoi Electronics Co., Ltd., Sharp Corporation, and Sharp Display Technology Co., Ltd. have signed a basic agreement to pave way for the construction of a semiconductor back-end process (1) production line by Aoi Electronics, utilizing the buildings and facilities of Sharp’s LCD panel plant.

Particularly, the new plant will manufacture Aoi Electronics’ Fan-out Laminate Package (FOLP) to meet advanced needs for semiconductor packaging.

This time, the group plans to build the production line at the first factory of Sharp’s Mie Plant. Specifically, it has a total floor area of approximately 60,000sq.m.

Sharp Mie Plant (Taki Town, Taki District, Mie Prefecture)

To Produce Advanced Chip Panel Package

Aoi Electronics will start construction of the new production line for advanced semiconductor panel packages by the end of 2024. It aims for full-scale operation by the end of 2026, targeting production capacity of 20,000 panels per month.

Aoi Electronics aims to quickly build and operate production lines. Consequently, by utilizing existing factories, it plans to offer integrated chiplet packages, chip-embedded power packages, and high-frequency packages for 5G/6G/ADAS (*2), which is expected to expand in the future, in a timely manner.

Moreover, Sharp optimizes the production capacity of its small- and medium-sized LCD panel plants. In addition, it is promoting the utilization of its unused and underutilized factories. Further, it plans to promote business development through collaboration with other companies, and this project is part of the effort.

Going forward, based on the contents of the agreement, the three companies will consider collaboration in the back-end semiconductor processes toward the early construction of a production line and full-scale mass production.

*1 The semiconductor back-end process is the process of packaging semiconductor chips so that they can be mounted on electronic circuit boards (including the intermediate process of combining multiple semiconductor chips, which has recently been expected to improve the performance of semiconductors). On the other hand, the front-end process is the process of forming transistors on semiconductor wafers to make integrated semiconductor chips.

*2 Abbreviation for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems. An advanced driver assistance system that assists the driver in driving operations.

This is an online translation of a Japanese press release with slight editing made by Dempa.

-10 July 2024-