Innodisk to Boost Tech in AI With New Facility

Global AI solution provider Innodisk has officially inaugurated Phase II of its R&D and production center in Yilan in Taiwan. Accordingly, the new facility is in response to the massive market demand driven by the edge AI wave.

Furthermore, Innodisk has transformed the new manufacturing plant into the group’s AI core base. With the increased production capacity, Innodisk is ready to collaborate with global clients to deploy edge AI solutions. In addition, Innodisk is also inviting global tech talent to join its teams around the world.

Innodisk Inaugurates Phase II of R&D and Production Center to Expand Edge AI Solutions Capacity

Gearing Up Production to Drive AI Business Growth

The year 2024 marks a period of innovative energy for Innodisk. Specifically, with the simultaneous launch of new products and technologies.

The latest manufacturing plant will begin production on various edge AI products, focusing on three core technologies. Namely, AI Acceleration, Vision-Driven, and Custom Integration.

For AI Acceleration, Innodisk’s subsidiary Aetina recently launched the NVIDIA MGX Server, the group’s first edge AI server. Furthermore, Innodisk also introduced industrial-grade CXL 2.0 memory and E1.S/E3.S edge server SSDs for AI and high-speed edge computing.

On the other hand, Vision-Driven showcases Innodisk’s innovative development in edge AI machine vision. This includes the pioneering MIPI over Type-C extension patent technology for embedded cameras. Meanwhile, Custom Integration embodies the group’s core spirit of small-volume, diverse, and highly customized solutions.

Of late, the industry is witnessing accelerated development of global edge AI. Thus, with the increased production capacity of the manufacturing plant, Innodisk expects to speed up the realization of innovative technologies. Moreover, to enable the effective deployment of products and AI solutions in practical scenarios.

Demonstrating Edge AI Solutions in Practice

Moreover, Innodisk is also implementing these practices by transforming its production center into a model for smart manufacturing and management. Collaborating with Aetina, NVIDIA, and through the Metropolis for Factories framework, Innodisk developed an AOI AI secondary inspection solution for smart manufacturing.

Additionally, Innodisk’s subsidiary Millitronic, in collaboration with Schneider Electric and ASPEED Technology, developed a panoramic smart visualization remote management solution for the plant’s data center.  This solution transforms traditional on-site inspections into real-time remote management, displaying data and enabling remote monitoring.

Furthermore, the iCAP Air solution announced this year will connect multiple sensors to measure temperature, CO2, and other air indicators. Thus, providing real-time alerts for abnormal values and facilitating prompt facility management. This comprehensive application will ensure employee health and product quality.

Innodisk Inaugurates Phase II of R&D and Production Center to Expand Edge AI Solutions Capacity (Image Credit: Innodisk LinkedIn Account)

Creating a Base for Training AI Talent

With the inauguration of the Phase II manufacturing plant, Innodisk is focusing on recruiting AI-related talent. The company, which has locations in the United States, Europe, Japan, China, and more, invites global tech professionals to join its team.

This expansion supports Innodisk’s goal of promoting innovation and advancing edge AI solutions worldwide.

10 July 2024