Omron Develops Next-Generation 3D AOI

Omron Automation Americas has released the VT-S10 Series printed circuit board (PCB) inspection system featuring an industry-first imaging technique and artificial intelligence (AI). These features aim to best automate the high-precision inspection process for electronic assemblies, maximize performance and minimize skill-level requirements.

Omron Automation Americas is a global leader in automated optical inspection (AOI), automated X-ray inspection (AXI), solder paste inspection (SPI), and other advanced automation systems. The company continues to introduce technologies for perfecting critical inspection and quality-assurance processes for the electronics manufacturing industry.

VT-S10 Series 3D AOI
Omron’s VT-S10 Series 3D AOI

Unique Solder Inspection Process

To overcome the limitation of present-day 3D AOI technology, Omron has implemented a patented approach that combines the most advanced illumination, sophisticated image processing, and full 3D measurement data. This unique process targets to yield the highest-quality solder inspection process possible. The shadow and secondary reflection impacts common to 3D AOI have been eliminated through new hardware developments, like quad, multi-phase shift (MPS) projectors that allow for stable inspection across the PCB assembly. The company has combined the high-precision solder shape reconstruction from Omron’s new and advanced 3D AOI system to its industry-leading, high-speed 3D CT AXI capabilities. This process has improved the overall quality of the manufacturing process, achieved zero-defect products, and realized significant labor savings.

5-Zero Philosophy

Omron provides end-to-end support to address all concerns about the introduction of AI that caters to production floor needs. This became possible by controlling AI image acquisition to model creation and testing,

The new VT-S10 Series 3D AOI was designed with Omron’s 5-Zero philosophy in mind. This unique, AI-driven initiative represents a development roadmap that ensures Omron continues to implement solutions that are more intelligent, integrated and interactive while driving to meet the real-world goals of a modern smart factory. This 5-Zero philosophy approach means that each new Omron innovation was specifically developed to target improvements in one or more of these key areas. It includes Zero PCB Design Constraints, Zero False Calls & Escapes, Zero Operation & Programming, Zero Downtime, and Zero Defects.