NVIDIA Brings Computing Transformation from Gaming to Business

NVIDIA’s keynote address at the COMPUTEX 2021 CEO Keynote focused on how accelerated computing is transforming today’s gaming, personal and enterprise computing. 

Jeff Fisher NVIDIA, GeForce Senior Vice President announced a new range of advanced processors to further elevate user experience, while Manuvir Das, Head of Enterprise Computing discussed the transformation at the enterprise level. 

Leading the pack of advanced processors is the RTX 3800 Ti  flagship gaming graphical processing unit (GPU) based on Ampere and 2Gen RT Cores and 3Gen Tensore Cores. “The RTX 3800 Ti represents the best of our gaming line and introduced as the only way to play in 4K with RTX ON. The RTX 3080 Ti is one and a half faster than its predecessor and tears through the latest game with all the settings cranked up. It is a powerful GPU with 34 shader teraflops, 67 RT teraflops and 273 Tensor teraflops,” said Fisher. He described this as the greatest generational leap ever. 

Jeff Fisher NVIDIA, GeForce Senior Vice President at NVIDIA Fisher announces the RTX3800 Ti flagship gaming GPU.

Fisher also announced Alienware x15, a GeForce RTX 3800 ultra-thin laptops, powered by Max-Q technology including Dynamic Boost 2.0, Whisper Mode and Advanced Optimus, and features a 1440p G-Sync display. 

The NVIDIA Studio is designed to meet the growing need of 3D designers, video editors and photographers. It includes specially configured systems optimized for creating special workflows and supported by a monthly cadence of drivers. For 3D artists, NVIDIA created the Omniverse Machinima, making it easy to produce cinematic or animated stories with advanced real-time Ray Tracing and artificial intelligence (AI).

Meanwhile, Das revealed the three essential ingredients built by NVIDIA: the hardware foundation from which to make any system, the software platform for AI, and the software platform for collaborative design. “It is time to democratize AI by bringing its transformative power to every company and its customers,” Das said.

Manuvir Das, Head of Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA

To help system manufacturers create AI-optimized designs and to ensure that the systems can be relied on by customers, NVIDIA made NVIDIA-Certified, a program for servers that incorporate GPU acceleration. Das announced that NVIDIA will expand its NVIDIA-Certified systems program to systems with NVIDIA BlueField DPUs. The NVIDIA-Certified System program will expand to support accelerated systems with Arm-based host CPUs. A development kit for application developers has also been developed with GIGABYTE.

Building on NVIDIA’s work to enable powerful GPU instances in the cloud, Das said Google Cloud is among the first cloud service providers planning to enable NVIDIA’s powerful Base Command Platform for the management and orchestration of clusters in their cloud instances. The software is designed for large-scale, multi-user and multi-team AI development workflows hosted either on premises or in the cloud.

NVIDIA will partner with leading global systems providers to offer NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, making it easy for teams to collaboratively design and simulate in 3D. 

In the field of security, NVIDIA is working with Red Hat to provide Morpheus developer kits for both OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).