LG Electronics Stakes Out Service Robots As Next Breadbasket

LG Electronics said that it would expand supply of its service robot LG CLOi ServeBot through hotel, hospital, food & beverage chains, and restaurant market, as the COVID-19 pandemic-driven untact and social-distancing phenomenon is still fueling demand for collaborative and assistant robots to replace human workforce .

A case in point is its recent supply of the LG CLOi ServeBot for Courtyard Marriot Suwon hotel in Suwon City, Korea.

LG has supplied a fleet of two rack-type CLOi ServeBot for the hotel, which will serve as an unmanned concierge service robot to deliver foods & beverages and other necessities and miscellaneous at guests’ requests.

Coming built with indoor autonomous driving system and anti-collision system, the CLOi ServeBot can ride the elevator and strolls to the room for themselves to carry daily necessities like towels, foods, and wines to perform unmanned room concierge services.    

It also comes embedded with a 9.2-inch display screen, which will work as an UI, or user interface system to input data or type into command.

The bot is working in sync with LG’s CLOi Cloud Station, its own indigenous centralized robot command & control system, which can monitor and manage the bot’s delivery schedule and working history. It can carry upward of 17kg-weighted objects.          

LG Electronics is promoting robots as one of its future growth engines, aiming to address booming unmanned catering and concierge markets through hospitals and hotel and restaurant chains.

The supply of CLOi ServeBot for Courtyard Marriot hotel in Suwon comes several months after the company signed contracts in December 2021 and January 2022 to supply the CLOi ServeBot and GuideBot for other hotel chains and resort towns.