Rockwell Boosts Asia Presence, Partners With CAD-IT

Rockwell Automation has strengthened its partner network with its latest partnership with CAD-IT, a Singapore-based Industry 4.0 technologies provider.

To illustrate, the partnership will see CAD-IT offer Rockwell Automation’s smart manufacturing and automation solutions. This include the newly acquired Plex Systems, a cloud-native smart manufacturing platform. In addition, Fiix, a cloud-based, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered computerized maintenance management system.

Both Plex and Fiix cater to the food and beverage, household and personal care, and automotive industries across Asia Pacific.

End-to-End Industry 4.0 Solution

Marcelo Tarkieltaub, Regional Director for Southeast Asia, Rockwell Automation, said, “As we recover from the pandemic, businesses must address key issues, improve their manufacturing capabilities, and supply chain processes, and build resilience to withstand unexpected disruptions. Digital technologies, smart manufacturing, human-machine interaction, and advanced analytics are helping manufacturers optimize processes and strengthen their position as ‘factories of the world.'”

Tarkieltaub noted Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing sub-regions for Rockwell Automation and their partnership with CAD-IT will help them go through the region. “By combining our technologies and expertise with their strong regional network and execution competency, we can make smart manufacturing and digital transformation solutions more accessible to businesses in Southeast Asia.”

Image Credit: Rockwell Automation

CAD-IT delivers end-to-end Industry 4.0 solutions encompassing additive manufacturing, augmented reality (AR), industrial internet of things (IIoT), engineering simulation and more. Moreover, with manufacturing expertise gained through its production facilities in China, the company has delivered multi-factory projects in various verticals across Asia Pacific. 

CAD-IT has a wide network in Southeast Asia, with presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam. Their network serves more than 1,000 customers. Beyond the sub-region, it has offices in China, South Korea, and Australia to serve Asia Pacific customers.

Meets Market Demands

CAD-IT joins the growing PartnerNetwork of Rockwell Automation channel partners to support the increasing demand for industrial automation and Industry 4.0 solutions in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, it has plans to expand the coverage across the rest of Asia Pacific soon. 

The region’s industrial automation and process control market may be worth US$4.97 billion by 2025. This demand is driven by high technical awareness around the usage of robotics and the manufacturing sector’s robust production capabilities.

In addition, the demand for Industry 4.0 solutions is on the rise. According to Mordor Intelligence, Asia’s Industry 4.0 market will reach US$71.59 billion by 2026.

“Partnering with Rockwell Automation gives us the opportunity to expand and build our product and services suite of Industry 4.0 solutions. Besides enhanced manufacturing and digital transformation, businesses in the region will benefit from our local market presence with implementation, support, and maintenance from our on-ground team of experts across the region,” said Terence Chan, CEO of CAD-IT.

Rockwell Automation has been in Asia Pacific for over 40 years and continues to invest in its vision of expanding human possibility and digital transformation for its customers across the region. With over 5,800 dedicated employees in the region and a robust ecosystem of partners collaborating towards delivering value for our customers, Rockwell Automation continues to transform the industry, unlocking potential and productivity through automated and connected innovation.