HORIBA FuelCon Eyes Full Operation of New Facility

HORIBA, Ltd.’s group company, HORIBA FuelCon GmbH has commenced full-scale operation of its HORIBA eHUB, its new headquarters and factory. Located in Barleben in Germany, HORIBA FuelCon is part of HORIBA Europe GmbH, which is a subsidiary of HORIBA.

Previously, FuelCon AG was a separate entity and a leading manufacturer and supplier of R&D and end-of-line test beds and turnkey solutions for the e-mobility sector. However, in 2018, HORIBA Europe acquired FuelCon, which the company considers a major milestone.

HORIBA FuelCon develops, produces, and sells evaluation equipment for batteries, fuel cells, and electrolyzers. In addition, it also does inspection equipment for manufacturing these products.

HORIBA FuelCon starts full-scale operation of HORIBA eHUB, its new headquarters and factory.

Meets Global Demand

HORIBA FuelCon earlier concluded the construction of its new headquarters to help them achieve carbon neutrality. Particularly, the new headquarters is still located in the Barleben in Land Sachsen-Anhalt and is near its former headquarters.

HORIBA FuelCon finished the construction of the new headquarters in spring, and of a new factory earlier. Of course, the new headquarters will also help the company expand the development of electrified vehicles. In addition, it will also prepare them to foray in new energy business, including hydrogen.

HORIBA FuelCon expects the demand for its electrolyzer evaluation equipment will increase amid strong for large-scale green hydrogen production. To illustrate, electrolyzers produce hydrogen gas using electrolysis of water. 

The company expects to full operation of its new headquarters and factory soon. Nonetheless, it targets to increase production capacities for various evaluation equipment to about three-fold by end of FY2023. Hence, they will be able to contribute to global efforts of increasing investments in hydrogen production.

The new headquarters and factory stand on a 29,000sq.m lot. Particularly, the building consists of the development and production area (single-story section with the floor area of 7,000sq.m). Meanwhile, the office area consists of a five-story building with total floor area of 2,900sq.m. The company has invested €28.7 million. 

Most importantly, the development and production areas swelled to about five-fold of the company’s previous area. The company has 139 employees.