Geek+ Opens New British Headquarters

Autonomous mobile robot (AMR) technology provider Geekplus Technology Co., Ltd (Geek+) has opened a new regional headquarters in Britain. Particularly, the new office will serve as home base for Geek+’s British sales, engineering, and service teams. In addition, it will also feature a technology demonstration center where several Geek+ AMRs are on permanent display.

Initially entering the European market in 2019, Geek+ has successfully deployed projects in over 30 countries. This includes over a dozen in the Britain alone, with major retailers, ecommerce providers and third party logistics players. Warrington joins Düsseldorf, San Diego, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Singapore in hosting a Geek+ regional headquarters.

At least 30 Geek+ employees will initially man the new U.K. regional headquarters. (Image Credit: Geek+)

AMR’s Game-Changing Value

Brian Lee, Head of UK at Geek+, described the opening of the UK headquarters as a momentous day.

“The UK is home to some of our most exciting projects, including large scale automated parcel sorting and multi-site goods to person robotics deployments. Logistics operators here, and retailers in particular, recognize the game-changing value brought by autonomous mobile robots, and are eager to upgrade their operations.”

The new Geek+ office will feature a technology demonstration center. (Image Credit: Geek+)

The Sci-Tech Daresbury business park is an ideal setting for Geekplus. Particularly, the company joining some of the most exciting and innovative companies in the UK. At least 30 Geek+ employees will initially man the new regional headquarters.  

Simon Houghton, Geekplus’s UK Head of Sales, said, “I’ve been on this journey with Geek+ for three years, and I have seen exciting projects across this whole country. This office gives us a central hub where we can show people what we do and how our AMRs can take their businesses to the next level.”

The office is located in Sci-Tech Daresbury in Cheshire. (Image Credit: Geek+)

Open to all visitors, the demonstration center is the showpiece of the new office and includes a selection of Geek+’s AMRs. The robots showing off their skills are the flagship goods-to-person P-800 picking robot, best suited to connecting inventory with warehouse employees; the award-winning RoboShuttle, which enables high-density storage solutions; and the S-20C, a sorting robot capable of connecting the disparate elements of a production or distribution line.

Moreover, Sci-Tech Daresbury features yet another world-leading company as a part of the community. Hence, the Geek+ UK team looks forward to greeting everyone into a safer, more efficient, brighter future.