Automation Solutions Streamline Warehouse Operations

Technology company Geek+ has sealed a strategic agreement that will supply warehouse automation solutions to SF Supply Chain.

Geek+ will support SF Supply Chain to provide clients all over Hong Kong and Macao with robotics-powered services. Using Geek+ advanced AMR robots, SF Supply Chain will be able to streamline its warehouse operations and, through digitalization, boost supply chain agility.

With a wide range of robotics solutions powered with artificial intelligence (AI) for logistics, the deal allows SF Supply Chain to achieve return on investment and establish an intelligent and automated supply chain. SF Supply Chain expects to deploy over 1,000 Geek+ robots in various facilities all over Hong Kong.

Geek+, SF Supply Chain seal warehouse automation solutions agreement.

Robotics-Powered Warehouse

 In September 2021, SF Supply Chain will see the first Geek+ automated warehouse go live. The brand-new distribution center is located in Hong Kong and has a designated area for personal healthcare & skincare products and small parcel pick & pack services. SF Supply Chain will leverage Geek+ picking system to streamline the daily handling of 3,000 business-to-consumer orders and support its growing customer base with efficient and accurate fulfillment services.

Linus Wong, Managing Director of SF Supply Chain Hong Kong & Macau, says, “Our vision is to ‘become the best supply chain solutions and implementation service provider with leading technology and excellent quality’. The partnership with Geek+ not only reflects this commitment to our customers, but it also ensures that we will always be at the forefront in supply chain solutions with technology and quality hence enhanced service quality, customers satisfaction, and competitiveness.”

SF Supply Chain’s warehouse facilities will provide Geek+ opportunities to do more research and large-scale testing and implementation. It will also build actual business cases, and provide applications suitable for the logistics industry.

Lit Fung, Vice President, Managing Director of Geek+ APAC, UK and Americas, says, “The partnership with SF Supply Chain is an opportunity for Geek+ to strengthen its research and development capacity and capability. We are not only a supplier of robotics products but provide cutting-edge digital and intelligent supply chain solutions that help customers achieve their goals.”

Demonstration of AMR robots

Sets up Logistic Center

To leverage the expertise of SF Supply Chain, Geek+ is going to set up a brand-new Service Logistics Center at the automated distribution center of SF Supply Chain. Powered by Geek+ Picking robots and SF Supply Chain’s excellent logistics services will enable Geek+ to provide round-the-clock support for spare parts delivery services in Hong Kong. With different spare parts centers located in different countries and regions, Geek+ can dynamically align with the customers’ special requirements and service needs to maximize system availability and efficiency.

“We are committed to creating real value for enterprises with flexible and cost-efficient solutions. Our RoboShuttle system is one of Geek+’s latest innovations, combining double-deep tote/carton picking robots with high-density racking to make full use of warehouse space and organize inventory intelligently. The newly built Service Logistics Center will also be a good example to show how robots can help deliver goods timely and accurately to the customer,” Lit says.  

To provide faster, more flexible, as well as timely, and accurate deliveries, the movement of goods and a stable supply chain is essential. By partnering up with SF Supply Chain, the two companies are committed to providing efficient, flexible, and agile logistics services to their customers. Moving forward, SF Supply Chain and Geek+ will work closely together to transform the world of logistics using advanced automation technologies.