U.S. Distributor Markets Doosan Robotics Cobots

Automation distributor Cross Company has partnered with Doosan Robotics Americas to bring their collaborative robot (cobot) technology to the Southeastern United States.

“We are so excited for the opportunity to offer Doosan collaborative robots to our customers. We believe that their outstanding technology, superior quality, advanced safety features, and diverse product offerings, will enable Cross to implement the perfect collaborative solution for our customers– even in applications that were previously incompatible with cobots,” remarked Lynn Crump, Group President for Cross Automation.

Most Diversified Cobot Line

Doosan Robotics was founded in South Korea in 2015. For three years, it has devoted in research and development. After that, it developed a range of four cobot models that use its proprietary technology. With the launch of six additional cobot models in 2020, Doosan now offers the most diversified line of collaborative robots on the market.

Doosan Robotics’ A-Series collaborative robot

Specifically, its product line includes robots with a load capacity of 11 to 55lbs and a working radius of 35 to 67 inches. Most importantly, it features a unique collision detection technology for enhanced safety. Today, Doosan Robotics is in the top five robotics distributors worldwide and the number one manufacturer in South Korea.

“It was an easy decision to partner with Cross Company, given their long and successful track record in the automation industry and cobot sphere,” said Alex Lee, General Manager for Doosan Robotics Americas. “Cross Company’s strong technical capabilities, robust array of system solutions, and vast distribution network lend immeasurable value as Doosan Robotics Americas continues to expand into the U.S. market. We are beyond excited to collaborate with such an experienced organization.”

Distributor and Integrator of Doosan Cobots

Cross Automation serves customers across the United States. Specifically, it will be representing Doosan Robotics in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Alabama. In addition, Cross will be a nationally certified integrator of Doosan collaborative robots and a factory-certified service center.

Crump went on to say, “By supporting customers with integration services as well as repair and maintenance, we will offer a unique level of after-sales support that is not otherwise available in the United States for Doosan Robotics. Our partnership with Doosan will boost our ability to implement solutions for our customers to combat the ongoing labor shortage by automating manual processes.”