Hon Hai, NXP Partner in Next-Generation Vehicle Platforms

Hon Hai Technology Group has announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NXP Semiconductors on advanced vehicles. Specifically, they will jointly develop platforms for a new generation of smart connected vehicles.

The virtual MoU signing ceremony was attended by Young Liu, Chairman of Hon Hai and Kurt Sievers, President and CEO of NXP from Taiwan and Germany, respectively.

Kurt Sievers, President and CEO of NXP and Young Liu, Chairman of Hon Hai during the virtual signing of MoU.

Hon Hai’s new electric vehicle (EV) platform is the centerpiece of the new collaboration. It integrates NXP’s S32 family of processors, its analog-front-end, drive, networking and power products. The collaboration will also include next-generation platforms, such as electrical/electronic architecture (EEA), cybersecurity, connectivity solutions using the latest NXP S32 domain and zonal controller family for gateways and vehicle networking control. Also, it advances secure car access with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ultra-wideband (UWB). Additionally, safe automated driving augmented by NXP’s leading radar solutions is another pillar of the collaboration.

Hon Hai and NXP have outlined more than 10 automotive products for the first stage. These products will soon be in development.

Boost EV Products

NXP is a world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications. Moreover, it has the leading position in the automotive market and has a strong market share in microprocessors, microcontroller, and cybersecurity products.

The new collaboration will boost Hon Hai’s ability to build competitive EV products at a rapid pace. It will also reduce time to market as well as optimize the efficiency of R&D resources.

“We are proud to join forces with Hon Hai today to support its ambitious leap into an automotive and to jointly address the challenges and opportunities of a new generation of smart, connected vehicles, especially Hon Hai’s new electric vehicle platform,” said Kurt Sievers, President and CEO of NXP Semiconductors.

“The auto industry has to become faster and more efficient. NXP is pleased to extend its technology portfolio to enable electrification, next-generation architectures, smart car access systems and more,” Sievers continued.

“Hon Hai sees the disruptive challenges and the potential for innovation in today’s automotive industry. This is a prime opportunity given our particular electronics expertise,” said Young Liu, Chairman of Hon Hai Technology Group. “NXP’s longstanding expertise and leadership in the automotive area, its innovative products and its laser focus on safety, security and quality provide the foundation for the collaboration we are activating today.”

The collaboration will lead to mutually beneficial outcomes. The products developed by Hon Hai and NXP can jointly explore new businesses in more fields.

NXP will also be a preferred supplier for Hon Hai’s automotive business development. Hon Hai will integrate NXP solutions to produce module products that better meet customer needs. Meanwhile, NXP can be closer to the end customer, providing more customer-oriented designs.