Latest TDK Power Inductors Fit ADAS, Automated Driving

TDK Corporation presents the CLT32 Series power inductors with extremely compact dimensions and excellent electrical values. The company attributes these features to the inductors’ new design. The nine types cover an inductance range of 17 to 440nH and are designed for 13.5 to 60A saturation currents. Primarily, they feature a compact footprint of 3.2×2.5mm and an insertion height of 2.5mm. Thus, they are the most compact SMT power inductors in their performance class. Also, they are constructed for a temperature range of -40 to 165°C including self-heating.

CLT32 Series power inductors

Reliable Design

Specifically, these AEC-Q200 certified components are designed with a solid copper coil over-molded with a ferromagnetic plastic compound. The coil ends already function as terminals, which significantly increases reliability – especially for automotive applications. Moreso, these products can achieve an exceptionally low RDC value, keeping losses to a minimum. This function is due to the solid copper coil. The ohmic resistance of the product is only 0.39mΩ at an inductance value of 17nH.

Make ADAS Safe

The compact and highly robust CLT32 inductors are ideal for use in safety-relevant automotive applications in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD). High-performance processors used in these fields require currents in the double-digit ampere range. Meanwhile, power management ICs (PMICs) are used as power supplies that provide these high currents. Here, power inductors for stabilization are key components at the outputs.

Lastly, the CLT32 Series is designed for switching frequencies of up to 10MHz, already meeting future requirements placed on DC/DC converters with high clock rates.