TDK Y2 Capacitors Suit High-Temperature Requirements

From TDK Corporation comes a new series of EPCOS MKP-Y2 capacitors for interference suppression. The new capacitors offer a maximum permissible operating temperature of 125°C. On the other hand, conventional models are designed for a maximum operating temperature of 110°C.

B3202*H/J Series of Y2 capacitors

Stable Capacitance

The capacitance of the B3202*H/J Series ranges from 1nF to 1µF with a maximum rated voltage of 300V AC. Even under harsh environmental conditions, the capacitors offer a stable capacitance value. This property has been proven by the thermal humidity bias test with boundary conditions 85°C, 85 percent relative humidity, and 240V AC operating voltage for 500 hours.

The capacitors are certified according to IEC 60384-14:2013/AMD1:2016 and approved according to AEC-Q200D, UL, and EN. Depending on the capacitance, the products are available in lead spacing of 10mm (B32021H/J*), 15mm (B32022H/J*), 22.5mm (B32023H/J*), and 27.5mm (B32024H/J*) and 37.5mm (B32026H/J). The housing, for example potting material, corresponds to UL94V-0.

The new Y2 capacitors are suitable for interference suppression in filters and at high operating temperatures, such as automotive applications.