MiR, MODULA Jointly Advance Warehouse Automation

Leading smart storage manufacturer Modula and autonomous mobile robot company Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) recently unveiled a joint partial or fully automated solution for materials handling in warehouses, production and distribution centers.

Supports Various Configurations

The solution can fully or partially automate material handling processes as it supports various configurations. A case in point, it supports semi-automated picking of single items. In this case, a human operator picks single items from Modula’s storage unit. It then places them onto MiR’s mobile robot for autonomous transportation to designated areas such as consolidation centers.

Supports fully or partial automated material handling

Also, it is configured for semi-automated picking with picking-carts. In this case, the operator can pick multiple items and place them onto a picking station. Once picking is completed, the MiR robot hooks onto the picking station and moves it to the designated area.

It also enables fully automated picking of single items. In this case, MiR robots are equipped with a robotic arm which picks single items from Modula’s storage unit. The arm then transports them easily and safely to the next picking zone or consolidation area.

The solution features full automated case picking. Specifically, the MiR robots are equipped with a customized top module that lifts, picks, and places totes or bins directly from or to the Vertical Lift Module (VLM’s) tray; thus, facilitating picking and replenishment without human intervention.

It also features full automation with pallets whereby MiR robots are specially equipped to pick large and heavy items off Modula’s VLM model for pallets.

Configured for picking of single items

Significant Time and Space Savings

The solution enables considerable savings in terms of both time and space, improving productivity and enhancing intralogistics. According to Modula’s CEO Massimiliano Gigli, workplace safety and employee satisfaction are also one of the primary benefits of Modula and MiR’s joint solution.

“By taking over repetitive, physically straining and otherwise dangerous tasks, this system significantly improves the working conditions in warehouses, factories and distribution centers,” said Gigli. “Faced with labor shortages, businesses looking to automate storage, picking and material handling stand to gain more than just greater productivity by offering their employees more valuable responsibilities and a safer work environment.”